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The weather and snow conditions are, obviously, one of the most important factors when you go on your annual ski holidays and finding a reliable weather & snow reports is not always easy. Will there be plenty of sunshine and/or fresh snow or will you be skiing in artic conditions or maybe on slushy snow? These are vital questions that you ask yourself in the run up to your ski holidays and Snowplaza has the answer to all these questions. If you want to know the weather forecast for the Alps and find up-to-date snow reports for all your favourite ski resorts, look no further.

Weather forecast for the Alps

Snowplaza provides daily, up-to-date weather forecasts for ski resorts in the Alps. These detailed weather forecasts are available from November or December, depending on how soon the winter weather starts and continue until the end of the ski season – usually mid-May. This weather forecast gives a reliable impression of the current weather conditions and the forecast for the next 4 days in the Alps. By selecting a ski resort you will see a weather forecast that includes snow depths on the mountains and in the valleys, the snow forecast, the freeze level, temperatures and wind speeds expected in the chosen resort.

Weather forecast for the Alps

Snow reports for the Alps

Snowplaza provides the latest snow reports for ski resorts in the Alps allowing you to stay up-to-date on the snow depths and overall skiing conditions in the Alps. You will see a reliable summary of snow reports for ski resorts in France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany showing snow depths on the mountains and in the valley as well as the snow forecast for the Alps. Snowplaza also supplies a detailed snow report for each ski resort including information about the type of snow on the slopes, the last snowfalls, the number of ski lifts and snow parks open and the overall skiing conditions in the resort's ski area. Here's an example from Val Thorens. Note: The snow depths are only measured during the ski season. Off-season data is not therefore not valid.

Snow reports for the Alps

Personalised snow report

With Snowplaza's SnowAlert service, you can stay constantly up-to-date about the latest snow conditions in your favourite ski resort(s) without lifting a finger. Fill in the simple form by choosing your ski resort and entering your email address and you will receive an email each time there is fresh snow in the resort(s) you have chosen. As well as details about recent snowfalls, you will receive a 3-day weather forecast and the accumulated snow depths. What better way to stay up-to-date on snow conditions in your favourite ski resort and at the same time get in the mood for your upcoming ski holidays?


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Being lucky enough to have parents who were crazy about skiing, my love for the mountains started when I was 4 years old on our first family ski holiday to Austrian ski resort of Obergurl. One ski holiday a year was never enough and tears rolled down my face as I looked out the back window of the car on the drive down the valley on the way home!

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