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Cookie Policy

By continuing your use of the website, you acknowledge your agreement of our cookie policy and privacy statement. In order to avoid having to use a paywall for our site, we use adverts from various third-party providers. These third-party providers may place tracking cookies to track clicks on their adverts. This information can then be sent to the advertising agency, who may keep track of which adverts a user sees and which adverts a user clicks on. Google adverts use DoubleClick cookies. These cookies do not track a user’s browsing behaviour or personal information. They are used only in order to ensure the same user is not continuously shown repeat adverts. This is called a “frequency cap.”


Why does use cookies?

Most websites use cookies in order to ensure an optimal user experience. Cookies are convenient ways of collecting and using information that can make a website easier to use. For example, cookies can keep you logged in to a website or store your location and language preferences. They also keep track of your digital shopping cart when shopping online. Thanks to cookies, website owners can also see how often their sites - and which pages - are viewed by visitors. Some cookies are also able to track browsing behaviour, delivering information about your preferences so they can show you more relevant adverts. In most cases, websites depend on the money from these adverts to keep the website up and running without a paywall. Cookies allow the website to tailor these adverts to your personal interests. Cookies are saved to your computer and you can delete them at any time. If you wish to delete your cookies, click on one of the icons below, which will send you to your browser preferences. Remember, after deleting your cookies some websites may ask you to log in again or reset your preferences.

It is safe to use cookies. Cookies do not record personal information such as your email address or telephone number, and do not lead to unwanted email or telemarketing spam.


Which cookies does use?

Non-functional cookies


Google Analytics is a web analytics service owned by Google Inc. Google Analytics cookies give us insights into how our users interact with our website, such as the number of visitors and the most popular pages and topics. This enables our advertising clients to better tailor their content to the needs of our users. Clients do not have access to the IP addresses of our website users. As provider of the service, Google does have access to this information.

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We use these cookies to display adverts to our users through the Google DoubleClick advertising system. Among other things, these cookies track which pages a user visits in order to show the most relevant adverts.

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This cookie registers whether a user is logged into Facebook in order to know if we should propose that a user “like” the Snowplaza UK Facebook page within the box that is embedded in our website.

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If a user has “liked” something on, this cookie tracks whether the user was logged into Facebook and whether the user can “like” that post on Facebook.

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This cookie tracks whether a user has shared something from our website on their Google+ account.

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This cookie tracks whether a user has tweeted something from on their Twitter account.

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Retargeting and advertising cookies