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7 September 2021 from Nikki in 'Skiing techniques''

The ability to ski safely on a mogul field is an excellent indicator of a skier’s level. We strongly advise beginners to avoid skiing bumps at all costs! However, what if you are an experienced skier with many years of slope time under your ski suit belt, but you do not have enough confidence in your skiing or physical abilities to venture onto those intimidating mogul fields? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you - you will find below some practical advice for skiing bumps without ruining your co... Read more ›

19 December 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Early-season skiing is marred by the possibility of icy slopes. It’s no reason to cancel your ski holiday, but it helps to know the proper technique. After all, a fall on ice can send you to the emergency room faster than you can say ‘emergency travel insurance’. Following are some words of wisdom about how to ski icy slopes.... Read more ›

4 December 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

No matter how many goggles they advertise with incredible visibility features, we skiers and snowboarders know from experience that skiing in poor visibility or flat light is just about impossible and not much fun! We've all come across those days when you can't see further than a few feet in front of you, but the snow is great and you don't want to miss a day of skiing. Don't worry, we're here to help! These tips will help you get safely down the hill even in poor visibility.... Read more ›

21 November 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Ah, that fresh powder snow! Golly, those views! Is that a bird landing on your ski pole? Skiing off-piste is a completely different experience from sticking to the groomed slopes. If you're a confident skier with a few years of carving under your belt, you might be dreaming of taking it to the next step and finding a patch of virgin snow where you can carve out fresh tracks. But it's said that even the best on piste skier will feel like a complete beginner again once he or she is up to his or he... Read more ›

14 September 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Skiing is an incomparable sport which combines technical skills and the thrills of speed in stunning, unforgettable surroundings. However, first things first – you need to know how to ski! It’s never too late to learn to ski, although the learning curve is much faster the younger you are. You can learn how to ski alone or with an experienced friend, however you’ll make much faster progress at ski school. We’ve put together a briefing on how to ski before your first ski holidays explaining how to... Read more ›
(Photo: © Spalder)

2 April 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Spring ski holidays are all about skiing in a t-shirt and enjoying the warm sun whilst sipping a drink on an outdoor terrace. Early risers will find the snow is often still quite decent, especially at higher altitudes. But spring skiing is often about wading through slush as the snow melts progressively throughout the day! Don't worry, skiing in slush can still be loads of fun (and more fun than skiing on ice, in many ways). Here are our tips for successfully skiing on slushy snow.... Read more ›

29 March 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Ski poles!  Great for leaning on when the lift queue is moving slowly.  Or for pushing yourself along the flat bits (take that, snowboarders!).  Or for dragging along behind you in a desperate and misguided effort to slow yourself down on a steep slope.  But ski poles weren't actually invented for any of the above purposes.  Used properly, they can help you adopt the proper stance for efficient, smooth skiing.  Keep reading for tips on how to properly use your ski p... Read more ›

14 March 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Controlling speed while skiing

The most important thing while skiing is to stay in control, and this means having a handle on your speed. This prevents you from going too fast and losing control. Turning helps you control your speed by forcing you to ski a line that’s not as steep, as well as forcing you to slow down with every turn.... Read more ›

2 March 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Learning how to ride the drag lift

You’ve learned how to do a perfect snowplough and you’re feeling confident about your abilities, so your ski instructor suggests you move onto a slightly harder slope. Great! The only thing is, your smile fades a little as you catch sight of the drag lift. Is THAT supposed to take you up the hill? The magic carpet was fine and the chairlift looks easy, but this is... wobbly! And there are people wiping out! If you find yourself in this position, check out the rest of this article for some ... Read more ›

22 February 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Skiing in the backseat

Backseating is a common problem in many skiers. It refers to a stance where the skier is leaning back, putting too much weight towards the back of the ski. From this position, it’s much harder to control your skis, and it’s the reason a lot of people can’t nail down the perfect ski technique. To properly control your skis, you need to spread your weight over your entire boot by slightly bending your ankles, knees and hips. This will give you the control you need.... Read more ›

5 February 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Skier on the ground

We don’t hesitate to enrol our kids in ski school, not only for the first time but also every ski holiday after that, to keep up their technique. Shouldn’t it go without saying that adults also need periodic refreshers of their skiing and snowboarding technique? But for some reason, we tend to relax once we attain a certain level, and ski and snowboard lessons fall by the wayside. If you’re exhibiting any of these telltale signs, it’s an indication that you should consider booking yourself so... Read more ›

24 January 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Black piste 44 in Montafon

Making it down a black slope is one thing, but doing it attractively takes a lot more practice. Generally, you’ll need to dig your edges in to grip the steeper slope, using shorter turns to slow you down. If you’re interested in learning how to be the picture of grace while skiing black slopes, then this article is for you.... Read more ›

10 January 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Skiing technique: learning to carve

Carving refers to skiing on your edges, leaving a clean trail through the snow and not skidding. Today’s skis are perfectly tailored to allow for easy carving – some skis practically seem to carve themselves! Once you’ve mastered the snowplough and the wedge christie, it’s time to learn how to carve your skis without skidding at each turn. The major difference between carving and normal parallel turns is that while the back end of your ski will skid a little with each parallel turn, a carving... Read more ›

30 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Tips for how to ski moguls

Love the idea of bumps but not sure how to tackle them? Lose your nerve when you’re staring down a field of metre-high moguls? Relax, moguls are fun and once you understand how to approach them, they’re a skier’s dream! As long as you’ve got your basic skiing technique down pat, it’s not a big jump to learn how to ski moguls properly. Following are some tips to help you master the moguls and avoid those awkward falls!... Read more ›

26 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

5 tips for better skiing

Skiing is a highly technical sport and it can take years to perfect your form. While it’s fun to zip helter-skelter down the slopes, you don’t want to ignore your skiing technique. Improve your carving and your general stance and you’ll be able to ski almost anything! While this might sound like a difficult task, the good news is that often small details can make a big difference. If you’re on the cusp of a breakthrough in your skiing technique, check out these five tips and find out how you... Read more ›

19 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Carv helps you improve your skiing technique

If you’re like me, you’ll recognise the disappoint in having imagined yourself a skiing pro, whizzing down the slopes with perfect technique, only to look at a video replay and find out your skiing technique is not nearly what you thought it was. While ski lessons are all very well, sometimes it’s nice to have automatic, on-the-go feedback so you can work on improving your skiing technique every time you go skiing. Carv is the new technology that you can wear right in your ski boots. It helps... Read more ›

12 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

In skiing, carving refers to using the edges of your skis to “carve” a smooth path through the snow, without skidding or braking at every turn. It’s the natural progression after you master the basics of the snowplough and easy turns, and now that we have shaped carving skis with a generous sidecut, it’s much easier to perfect your carving technique. Check out videos of the pros and you’ll see them carving so well through the snow, they make it look super easy! If you pay attention to these t... Read more ›

4 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Correct skiing posture

Was your last skiing video cringe-worthy? Did your image of yourself as a skiing god(dess) get totally shattered? Whether we’ve been skiing since childhood or whether we just started, almost all of us could stand to improve on our ski technique – it seems to be one thing that you never stop learning! Perfecting your carving, mastering the ideal stance and gaining control over your centre of balance is easier said than done. Start with these five tips and stay tuned for more skiing technique ... Read more ›

22 July 2018 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

We toss around the word ‘gradient’ a lot in the skiing world. But if you’re secretly wondering how exactly that translates to the angles that you used to measure with your protractor, rest assured you’re not alone. There’s a lot of confusion on the subject, especially as you’ll sometimes see slopes measured in degrees and sometimes in percentages – which makes the whole business a little bit like comparing apples and oranges! Should you be awestruck at someone who managed to ski a 45° piste? ... Read more ›

11 October 2017 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Tjeerd Terpstra is a bona-fide ski pro. A member of the Dutch Interski team for the past fifteen years and a trainer with the Dutch skiing association, he is also the owner of an indoor ski hill in the Netherlands. This skiing legend has been kind enough to share some tips with us on how to slay that fresh powder! After all, whether you’re a small child waking up on Christmas morning or a seasoned athlete strapping on your skis for yet another freeriding competition, is there anything better tha... Read more ›


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