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4 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques'' | 0

Correct skiing posture

Was your last skiing video cringe-worthy? Did your image of yourself as a skiing god(dess) get totally shattered? Whether we’ve been skiing since childhood or whether we just started, almost all of us could stand to improve on our ski technique – it seems to be one thing that you never stop learning! Perfecting your carving, mastering the ideal stance and gaining control over your centre of balance is easier said than done. Start with these five tips and stay tuned for more skiing technique ... Read more ›

24 November 2018 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques'' | 0

Early-season skiing is marred by the possibility of icy slopes. It’s no reason to cancel your ski holiday, but it helps to know the proper technique. After all, a fall on ice can send you to the emergency room faster than you can say ‘emergency travel insurance’. Following are some words of wisdom about how to ski icy slopes.... Read more ›

4 October 2018 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques'' | 0

It's no fun skiing when you’re afraid. And it happens to the best of us, whether you’re just starting out, whether you’ve been away from skis for a long time or whether you just don’t have a head for heights. Maybe you’re coming back from a bad fall and you’re brave enough to get back out on the slopes – but unable to completely overcome a slight sense of panic at the slippery ice and the steepness of it all. There’s no quick fix for anxiety while skiing, but it’s definitely worth putting the... Read more ›

22 July 2018 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques'' | 0

We toss around the word ‘gradient’ a lot in the skiing world. But if you’re secretly wondering how exactly that translates to the angles that you used to measure with your protractor, rest assured you’re not alone. There’s a lot of confusion on the subject, especially as you’ll sometimes see slopes measured in degrees and sometimes in percentages – which makes the whole business a little bit like comparing apples and oranges! Should you be awestruck at someone who managed to ski a 45° piste? ... Read more ›

11 October 2017 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques'' | 0

Tjeerd Terpstra is a bona-fide ski pro. A member of the Dutch Interski team for the past fifteen years and a trainer with the Dutch skiing association, he is also the owner of an indoor ski hill in the Netherlands. This skiing legend has been kind enough to share some tips with us on how to slay that fresh powder! After all, whether you’re a small child waking up on Christmas morning or a seasoned athlete strapping on your skis for yet another freeriding competition, is there anything better tha... Read more ›

20 January 2017 from Nikki in 'Skiing techniques'' | 5

how to ski

Skiing is an incomparable sport which combines technical skills and the thrills of speed in stunning, unforgettable surroundings. However, first things first – you need to know how to ski! It’s never too late to learn to ski, although the learning curve is much faster the younger you are. You can learn how to ski alone or with an experienced friend, however you’ll make much faster progress at ski school. We’ve put together a briefing on how to ski before your first ski holidays ... Read more ›


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