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20 March 2020 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Normally we would publish this blog at the end of April, but since the coronavirus has put an early end to ski season, we'd like to recap what the winter was like this year. This will be the last weather report until next season - no sense in reporting on fresh snow when we can't get to the Alps! In many ways, 2019/20 was another roller coaster ride. November started out with heavy snowfall, making many skiers and snowboarders optimistic, but this was followed by a warm, dry period that lasted f... Read more ›

5 March 2020 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

It's coming down out there! The western Alps are currently experiencing a major snowfall, with more than 50cm having fallen in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps. Austria is not so lucky, although the Arlberg region has some flurries. Our colleagues Mike and Miranda are currently in Nendaz enjoying the fresh snow!... Read more ›

2 March 2020 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

We've had a few weeks now of snowfalls interspersed with bluebird weather. Today we can confirm that March has started off on a strong foot, with between 20-50cm of snow in many resorts. Thursday is expected to bring a similar dump of snow, with sunny days in between.... Read more ›

26 February 2020 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

In honour of this Wednesday we bring you... fresh snow! It's snowed in all alpine countries and snowfall is expected to increase over the next few days. Yesterday afternoon France and Switzerland saw fresh snow, which slowly spread to other areas of the Alps. This means we have some lovely webcam images to share with you this morning! ... Read more ›

10 February 2020 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

After a few beautiful days in the Alps, the weather is becoming more unstable. A strong western current is bringing disruptions and strong winds, meaning poor weather for many ski resorts. There is a significant chance that lifts will be closed from time to time due to the poor weather conditions.... Read more ›

5 February 2020 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

It's been snowing like mad in the Alps these past 24 hours, with the heavens opening up especially in Austria. Right now the cumulative snowfall is approximately half a metre and it's still coming down strong in many places. We've gathered ten of our favourite pictures of the amazing snowfall so you can enjoy the snow whether you're in the Alps or stuck in the office! [CUSTOM-HTML:6]... Read more ›

30 January 2020 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

The Alps received a welcome pack of fresh snow this week, with ski resorts drenched in flurries down to village level. The much-needed snow was cheered on by skiers and snowboarders, although high winds and stormy conditions sent many alpine areas into a bit of a panic. Today, the clouds have cleared, leaving us to enjoy the snow in all its sparkling glory! Here are 10 webcam pictures of the sunrise this morning.... Read more ›

29 January 2020 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

The fresh snow that started coming down in France, Switzerland and Italy yesterday moved on over to Austria as the night progressed, with accompanying winds and stormy conditions in many places. Snowfall reached down to village level and sporadic flurries are expected throughout the day today.... Read more ›

28 January 2020 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Ski resorts in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps today woke up to a coat of fresh snow outside the window. After weeks of mostly mild weather, last night brought significant snowfall to some areas and more is expected in the coming days. Austria is also receiving its fair share of snow although slightly less than the other countries, in stark contrast to the enormous quantities of snow that plagued the country last January. However, more snow is expected in western areas over the course of toda... Read more ›

18 January 2020 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

The Alps have suffered weeks of sunshine, but it's finally time to re-start winter again! Starting yesterday afternoon and continuing throughout the night, it's been snowing like mad in many ski resorts, bringing a much-needed coat of fresh powder to the slopes. This morning, skiers and snowboarders woke up to some beautiful wintery scenery. We're here to share the webcams with you!... Read more ›

13 January 2020 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

The Alps are still mired in high-pressure areas that have brought calm weather with barely any fresh snow over the past few weeks. Luckily temperatures have remained cold with relatively low humidity levels, so the quality of the snow already on the pistes hasn't suffered too much. The rest of this week looks to remain about the same, but weather reports are predicting this weekend will bring fresh snow to the Alps.... Read more ›

19 December 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

A southern current has brought a spell of warm weather to the Alps and it currently feels like spring, with the snow line hovering elusively above 2000 metres and temperatures of up to 20 degrees in the valleys. Fortunately for skiers and snowboarders, change is on the way. Starting Friday the weather should start to turn, with the snow line dropping and some precipitation in the forecast.... Read more ›

10 December 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Austrian villages woke up to a welcome coat of fresh snow this morning, which was especially appreciated in the ski resorts east of the Arlberg. Temperatures are expected to drop over the next few days, allowing ski areas to make use of the snow cannons. The region is also expecting several centimetres of snow.... Read more ›

29 November 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

It's snowing again in France, Switzerland and Austria, with weather forecasters predicting this weekend could see a few dozen centimetres of the white stuff. It's the western part of Austria that's getting the majority of the snow, with thick flurries in the Arlberg and surrounding regions that are projected to continue until tomorrow morning. By Sunday the snow is expected to move over to the southern Alps.... Read more ›

27 November 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

The southern Alps are already deep in the throes of winter, having had several weeks of generous snowfall. Now it's time for the northern Alps to receive their share, with temperatures forecast to drop over the coming days.... Read more ›

16 November 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Many regions in France were on yellow and orange alert due to heavy snowstorms yesterday. This morning ski resorts across the Alps woke up to bluebird skies and fresh powder. Precipitation is expected to slow down for today but may pick up again tomorrow.... Read more ›
(Photo: © Chamrousse)

15 November 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Un-be-lie-va-ble! The snow just keeps coming in the southern and eastern Alps. Even the trees are bowing under the weight of all the fresh snow! After a short breather yesterday the snow has come back even stronger. Below are scenes reminiscent of last year's crazy snowfall in Austria!... Read more ›

12 November 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

It's unbelievable... this week's weather forecast calls for not centimetres, but METRES of snow! It's been snowing nonstop in the Alps these past few weeks and tomorrow morning is expected to bring another metre of snow to many parts of the southern Alps. After that, snowing every day and even more on the weekend!... Read more ›

9 November 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

It's been one heck of a week in the Alps, and after receiving copious amounts of snow, many alpine ski areas were able to start the ski season on a high note. After dumping up to a metre in some places over the last few days, temperatures have stayed low but precipitation has mostly died down for the weekend, making for perfect skiing conditions. Weather forecasters predict that next week will bring more snow later in the week, especially in the Dolomites.... Read more ›
(Photo: © Anzère)

4 November 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

What a weekend! The western and southern Alps received a dump of snow yesterday, with France and Italy receiving their own, slightly lesser snowfall. More snow is on the way tomorrow!... Read more ›

30 October 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

What a lovely morning it's been in the Alps! Last night the snow began to fall in earnest and this morning ski resorts woke up to a blanket of white. We've got some drool-worthy webcam pictures to share with you - come check it out!... Read more ›

28 October 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

It's been a roller coaster ride in the Alps this autumn, weather-wise. We've had several fresh snowfalls, followed seemingly every time by a spike in temperature. Last week temperatures stayed high all week as most ski areas found themselves in the grips of an Alpine föhn. But the end of October might also signal the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. Temperatures are finally falling and weather forecasters are predicting a possibility of fresh snow as low as 1000m. Is ski season finally... Read more ›

8 October 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

This week started off with a dusting of fresh snow in the Alps, and the freezing altitude continues to creep lower and lower. After the snow the sun came out again, so we hereby present a string of beautiful pictures of snowy slopes with blue skies! ... Read more ›

2 October 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

It's been snowing all day in the Alps, and the highest mountain peaks have been dusted with a welcomed coat of white. High temperatures mean the snow line is still hovering around 2500 metres above sea level so the valleys will have to wait a while longer before receiving their powder dump from Mother Nature. But it looks like a great start to ski season is on the way!... Read more ›

27 April 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Snow, snow and more snow! It's been one heck of a ski season this winter, with January breaking one snow record after another.  After a warm and dry start to the season in most ski resorts, Austria was blessed with 7 metres of snow in just 7 days! France, Switzerland, Andorra and Italy eventually got their share of snow as well. Did you go skiing this year? Did you get lucky with the snow conditions? Join us as we reminisce once more about the ski season before admitting defeat for the summ... Read more ›

11 April 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

After what seemed like a very warm start to spring, temperatures have plunged again in the Alps, bringing us right back into the thick of ski season!  Great news for the ski resorts that are still open and rather unfortunate for the ones that have closed already.... Read more ›

4 April 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Skiers and snowboarders in the Alps are rejoicing (and not a bit surprised) after last night's snowfall, which brought up to a metre of fresh snow to some places.  The snow started in the French Alps and has been moving eastwards towards Switzerland and Italy to douse ski areas as far as the Dolomites in fresh powder just in time for the end of the ski season.  Austria and the Northern Alps aren't expecting nearly as much snow but after the insane snowfalls they experienced earlier thi... Read more ›

12 March 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Snowing in Lech am Arlberg

It’s a dream ski week in the Alps this week, with a fresh dump of snow yesterday and bluebird conditions today. Lucky ski resorts in France and Austria received around a foot yesterday of fresh snow and more snow is on the way later this week.... Read more ›

26 February 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Weather in the Alps

A strong high-pressure area is bringing lots of sun to the Alps this week, with some clouds moving in on Tuesday but no precipitation to speak of. Skies are expected to stay blue almost all week, with Friday bringing increased chances of snow.... Read more ›

13 February 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Webcam showing fresh snow in Zauchensee

After a fresh bout of snow on Monday, skies are clearing in the Alps and sun is forecast for the rest of the week. Some ski resorts are even expecting temperatures as high as 10 degrees in the valleys and lower slopes! But there's no need to fear - as you can see from the pictures, there's plenty of fresh snow to go around.... Read more ›

28 January 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Cars buried under snow

The French and Swiss Alps are due to get another dump of snow this week, with heavy snowfall expected through Wednesday. Some ski resorts are due to receive as much as 40cm of snow. Meanwhile, the strong winds and snowstorms mean that avalanche risk will increase in certain areas, and some lifts will have to close. The northern Alps will also receive some powder, but not as much as in France and Switzerland. Are you going on a ski holiday soon? Keep up-to-date with the latest weather reports... Read more ›

24 January 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Snowing in Grandvalira

The snow dumped all over Austria, did a pretty good job of covering the French, Italian and Swiss Alps, but was avoiding Andorra and the Pyrenees this winter. That is, until now! It started snowing earlier this week in the tiny Pyrenean country and the linked ski areas of Grandvalira and Vallnord have received almost a metre of snow so far! After a fairly dry winter to date, this week’s whiteout means they can finally open the entire ski area for the weekend. ... Read more ›

15 January 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Niederalpl bluebird day

After another half a metre of snow fell in the Alps yesterday, the weather finally seems to be calming down. Ski resorts today were greeted with blue skies, and precipitation is expected to decrease significantly this week. Wednesday looks to be an ideal bluebird day, with temperatures dropping again on Thursday. Avalanche danger remains at 3 and 4 in most ski resorts, with some posting a risk of 5. Stay safe out there! Respect slope closures and don’t venture off-piste. ... Read more ›

10 January 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Fresh snow at Livigno

The snow that's been dumping down on the Austrian Alps is finally moving further abroad to France, Switzerland and Italy. The departments of Savoie and Haute Savoie in the northern French Alps, Graubünden and Bern in Switzerland are already receiving some fresh powder. Livigno has also received some flurries, and more Italian ski resorts have snow in the forecast for the next few days. Meanwhile, in Austria, the snowfall is expected to taper off by Friday but acute danger of avalanches persis... Read more ›

8 January 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

House buried under three metres of snow

It stopped snowing in the Austrian Alps yesterday - but only for a moment. Today the crazy snowfall continues, with another 1.5 metres expected in the coming days. Triggering avalanche warnings and road closures, the snowfall in Austria nevertheless has skiers and snowboarders absolutely delighted with all the fresh powder. Be safe out there and enjoy!... Read more ›

5 January 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Lack of snow on ski slopes

Skiers in the French Alps are bemoaning the hard, icy conditions and lack of fresh snow this ski season. In most French ski resorts, it hasn’t snowed since Christmas. While locals blame the dry weather on the effects of climate change, skiers and snowboarders in the French Alps can only hope that the multiple feet of fresh snow that fell on Austrian ski resorts this week will also bless French ski resorts soon.... Read more ›

3 January 2019 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Fresh snow in the Zillertal Arena

North Tyrol and Salzburg have been doused in a heavy snowfall this week, with up to a metre in some places. It's expected to keep snowing through the weekend in the Austrian Alps, with avalanche threat remaining at level 3. The snow line is expected to drop to just several hundred metres across the Alps thanks to a cold front.... Read more ›

20 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Webcam showing the fresh snowfall in La Colmiane

Skiers and snowboarders in many of the ski resorts in the French Alps woke up to an early Christmas present today: a fresh dump of snow! The snowfall is expected to continue throughout today and tomorrow, but unfortunately temperatures are expected to rise again Saturday with possible rainfall in some of the valleys. So check out the lovely webcams and enjoy it while you can!... Read more ›

10 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Webcam Mühlbach

This weekend winter arrived in all her glory! Mounds of snow fell across the northern side of the Alps in France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy and the ski resort towns are properly white now all the way down into the valleys. Up to half a metre more snow is expected tonight in many ski areas, with skies potentially clearing later in the week. The Alps are finally ready for the Christmas holidays!... Read more ›

5 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Fresh snow at © Val Thorens

After a bit of a slow start to the ski season, temperatures across the Alps are finally dropping, bringing flurries of snow to ski resorts in France and Austria. Temperatures are expected to stay cold through the weekend, hopefully bringing more snow later in the week so we can kick off this ski season once and for all! ... Read more ›

29 November 2018 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

© Lech Zürs am Arlberg

Lech Zürs am Arlberg is starting the 2018/19 ski season off with a fresh dump of powder. Much of eastern Austria including Carinthia and Salzburg received a healthy snowfall this week, reaching valley level and turning more than one alpine village into a winter wonderland. The Vorarlberg and Tyrol also received several centimetres of snow. Temperatures at Lech are expected to hover around 0° C throughout the weekend, with more flurries possibly on the way.... Read more ›

30 October 2018 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

After the massive snowfall on the weekend, where ski resorts across Andorra, France, Switzerland and Austria received several dozen centimetres of fresh powder, the skies have cleared to leave beautiful bluebird winter panoramas. Following: some eye candy from the most blessed ski resorts in the Alps. Winter is finally here and we can't wait for our first ski holidays of the year! When are you hitting the slopes?... Read more ›

27 October 2018 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

It's finally snowing properly in the Alps! The French Alps and the Pyrenees are expecting the snow line to drop as low as 1000m in some places, and the snowfall is expected to continue through Sunday, with forecasts calling for up to 20cm in certain ski resorts, and a snowline that might even drop down below 1000m. It's also snowing in the higher Austrian and Swiss ski resorts, where the glaciers are finally looking ready for ski season. We've already had a few snowfalls this year but this on... Read more ›

26 August 2018 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

Delighted skiers are celebrating the first snowfall of the year in the Alps today! With as much as 30cm falling at altitudes of 2000m+ in some of the Austrian Alps and a dusting of snow gracing the peaks of the Dolomites, the Swiss Alps and a few of the mountains in France’s Savoie region, it looks like the 2018/19 ski season is getting an early start! Unfortunately, most ski areas in Europe are closed – this is actually the last day of the summer ski season on the glacier at Les 2 Alpes. The... Read more ›

14 May 2018 from Danielle in 'Mountain weather''

It's a beautiful sunny spring day in most of the UK but over in the Alps, winter is not quite over! The 2018/2019 ski season took Europe by storm, delivering mountains of powder and ensuring an especially long ski season. And even now, several weeks after most ski resorts have closed for the season, parts of France, Switzerland and Italy have received a fresh dump of the white stuff! Images taken from the ski resort webcams this morning show snowy scenes taken straight from a winter wonderlan... Read more ›

1 May 2018 from Nikki in 'Mountain weather''

weather report

The weather and snow conditions are, obviously, one of the most important factors when you go on your annual ski holidays and finding a reliable weather & snow report is not always easy. Will there be plenty of sunshine and/or fresh snow or will you be skiing in artic conditions or maybe on slushy snow? These are vital questions that you ask yourself in the run up to your ski holidays and Snowplaza has the answer to all these questions. If you want to know the weather forecast for the Alps and f... Read more ›

30 March 2015 from Gareth in 'Mountain weather''

snow report

Our latest snow report is good news for those planning ski holidays for the end of this season. Low pressure means snow and occasionally strong winds in the Alps this week. This week a thick layer of fresh snow will fall on higher slopes. For a large part of the Alps, between 50 and 80 cm of snow are forecast. In the Southern Alps the weather is much more settled and generally dry. Today it is generally cloudy with some snow and rain showers. The freeze level is slightly above 1500 meters but wi... Read more ›

13 March 2015 from Gareth in 'Mountain weather''

snow report

If you’re going on your ski holidays next week, hopefully you have booked a trip to the Austrian and German Alps. This is where you will find the best skiing weather and snow conditions. In southern Switzerland and northwest Italy, however, it will snow heavily for a few days with 80 to 120 cm of snow falling in some resorts. The first snow will fall tonight in Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Western Dolomites, Valais, Ticino and in the French Alps. Generally only around 5 cm will fall so everyone who ... Read more ›

27 February 2015 from Gareth in 'Mountain weather''


If you're off on your ski holidays soon, instead of wondering what the snow conditions and weather forecast are for your chosen ski resort, you can simply set up your own personalised SnowAlert. Snowplaza has created this free snow report service allowing you to stay up-to-date by email on weather and snow in whichever resort(s) you choose. Will you have perfect skiing conditions for your next ski hoidays in France, Austria or Switzerland? Stop wondering and set up a SnowAlert right now and get ... Read more ›

2 February 2015 from Nikki in 'Mountain weather''

la rosiere

After heavy snow forecasted at the weekend arrived as expected, ski resorts across Europe (particularly in the northern Alps) are breathing a huge sigh of relief! The deep snow needed to maintain ski areas in good condition until the end of the ski season has finally arrived. Resorts such as Alpe d’Huez now have a very decent 120cm on the lower slopes and up to 200cm on the highest slopes. Most of Switzerland and Austria also had heavy snowfalls and only Italy missed out on the serious dumps. Sk... Read more ›

23 January 2015 from Gareth in 'Mountain weather''

snow forecast

After a shy start, it seems that winter is finally about to arrive with a promising snow forecast for this weekend and the coming weeks in the Alps. Weather forecasters’ snow reports announce heavy snowfalls accumulating up to 150 cm of fresh snow by the end of the month. This is fantastic news if you’re of on your ski holidays soon! However, this also means the risk of avalanches continues to rise and it is strongly recommended not to go skiing off-piste. Snowplaza keeps you informed about the ... Read more ›

5 December 2014 from Gareth in 'Mountain weather''

green slopes

The big question on everyone’s mind is will we have a white Christmas in the Alps this year? Will it snow in time for Christmas? So far this season, it’s bad news for those looking to ski before Christmas. Many ski resorts have delayed their opening dates because there is hardly any snow. Snowplaza stays in close contact throughout the ski season with the ski resorts in the Alps and we have received many messages in the last few days telling us that ski areas remain closed for the moment because... Read more ›

24 October 2014 from Gareth in 'Mountain weather''

Zillertal snow

The first snow has fallen across the Alps and everyone in the ski industry is jumping for joy! For us here at Snowplaza, it's always a magical moment when the first snow falls and we can make our first snow reports. For us it means the countdown to the beginning of the ski season 2014/2015 has officially started. It has snowed right across the Alps but this year, it is the Austrian ski resorts which have been blessed with heavy first snowfalls over the last few days. Just to really get you in t... Read more ›


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