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30 October 2020 from Nikki in 'Family/Children''

For you, there is absolutely no doubt that a ski holiday is the best thing since sliced bread! Skiing, snowboarding, sledging – just about everything you can do in a ski resort. The mountain is a wonderful snowy playground for you and life without skiing, would just not be possible. However, sometimes children do not share our passion for skiing. What, to you, is a dream ski holiday, can be quite simply a nightmare for your child if they do not enjoy skiing or snowboarding. To help prevent your ... Read more ›

7 July 2020 from Danielle in 'Family/Children''

Nothing cuter than a little tot wobbling their way down their first nursery run! And not to mention the feeling of pride that you as a parent experience when you see your little darling out there on the slopes. But how young is too young for teaching your kids how to ski? We asked several experts for their opinions on the best age for teaching children how to ski and snowboard.... Read more ›

19 October 2019 from Nikki in 'Family/Children''

Small babies on summer holidays can sit and gurgle for hours in their buggy wearing simply a nappy and watching the world go by or playing happily in the sand under a sun shade! The mountains are a whole different ball game and it’s vital to take the cold seriously when taking the younger members of the family on a ski holiday. From weather conditions to childcare, there are many issues that need to be taken into account to make sure that every member of the family is happy and safe on their ski... Read more ›
(Photo: © Pixabay)

14 May 2019 from Danielle in 'Family/Children''

Ski lessons with the family can be the highlight of the year, but not if your kids hate skiing and everything to do with it! From cold fingers to dripping noses and the classic have-to-pee-right-after-getting-my-one-piece-ski-suit-on, it's every parent's fear that ski holidays with the kids will quickly go from fun to being the world's worst nightmare. If you're an avid skier or snowboarder and you want to share this love of the snow with your children, then keep reading for some tips on how to ... Read more ›

23 January 2019 from Danielle in 'Family/Children''

How to ride the chairlift with kids

We’ve all had trouble taking the lift, whether we learned to ski or snowboard as adults or children. I personally took out my fair share of people who were unfortunate to stand on my left side when I was learning to snowboard. Occasionally you even hear the odd story about someone falling right off the chairlift (and who can forget the horror show in Georgia last year when the chairlift started going backwards?). While it’s one thing for adults to struggle, it’s even more difficult to board t... Read more ›

22 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Family/Children''

Family-friendly ski resorts Austria

Austria is a favourite with British skiers and snowboarders, so it’s only logical to bring your kids here and show them why you love the sport! With budget-friendly lift passes, special kids’ areas and top-notch ski schools, these Austrian ski resorts make it easy to plan a successful family ski holiday. Don’t forget to check for childcare services and family-friendly accommodation when planning your trip. It also helps to be aware of some non-skiing activities in case the weather turns or th... Read more ›

14 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Family/Children''

Family ski holiday in the Alps

Are you planning a family ski holiday with the little ones this year? Whether you have babies, toddlers or older children, it’s definitely possible to have a fantastic ski holiday without breaking the bank. The key is to do your research and plan ahead. Many ski resorts nowadays are focusing on anticipating the needs of families with children of all ages. In this article, we’ll discuss good ski resorts for families, ski areas with free ski passes for children, choosing a ski school or a nurs... Read more ›

9 December 2018 from Danielle in 'Family/Children''

Family-friendly après-ski

Après-ski is inextricably linked to winter sports for many skiers and snowboarders. But once children appear on the horizon, suddenly it’s a completely different story! If you find your kids have cramped your style, try thinking outside the box for fun options that you can do with the kids in tow. There’s no harm in a night out once in a while... as a family!... Read more ›

30 September 2018 from Danielle in 'Family/Children''

Family ski holidays are the best ski holidays, but what to do if the little ones are too young or not interested in skiing? Luckily, there exist many creches in the Alps where you can drop the kids off for a few hours or for the whole day and set your mind at rest knowing they will be well taken care off. If you’re looking for options where the kids can have a blast while the parents get in some well-earned turns on the slopes, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of nine ski resorts with a... Read more ›

27 July 2018 from Danielle in 'Family/Children''

Dancing on tables at après-ski was fun back in the day, but with young children in tow, the image of your ideal ski resort will have to shift a little! If you’re trying to plan the perfect family ski holiday in the Alps, you’ll need to scope out a ski resort that has beginner-appropriate terrain and, ideally, some children’s discounts and family-friendly facilities! The sunny region of South Tyrol in Italy is particularly popular with young families, but there are plenty of other ski resorts w... Read more ›

3 July 2018 from Danielle in 'Family/Children''

A beloved hotspot for skiers and snowboarders all over Europe, the Austrian Alps are especially popular among families with children. Austria has a plethora of ski resorts that are tailor-made for tiny skiers, with special discounts on lift passes as well as attractive family offers off the pistes. Throw in exciting beginner areas with mascots and magic carpets, inexpensive kids’ ski and snowboard lessons and top-notch childcare and it’s easy to see why Austria is a top choice for family-frien... Read more ›

23 November 2016 from Nikki in 'Family/Children''

family ski holidays

As many of you are off to the Alps for your annual family ski holidays, or are maybe already there, we thought we'd have a bit of a laugh making fun of the different ideas men and women have about what happens on family ski holidays. Men seem generally more optimistic and will probably say their wives are pessimistic - although we tend to stick together and say we are realistic about what really happens on any kind of family holiday. Take a look and share with friends if you know exactly what we... Read more ›

11 September 2014 from Nikki in 'Family/Children''

Kid skiing

If you’re planning on taking your children skiing this season, then I imagine you’d love to know where kids can ski for free. Surprisingly, there is a big difference in the “kids ski for free” age limit in ski resorts right across the Alps. Our researchers have spent the summer months scouring ski areas in France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy to find out where your kids can ski for free making your ski holiday budget a little easier to swallow! If you’re careful, you could plan your next 5 ski... Read more ›

31 July 2014 from Nikki in 'Family/Children''

Powder Byrne family lunch

Powder Byrne has a unique approach to family ski holidays. Whether you’re in a big family group with kids of mixed ages or it’s your first ski holiday with your new baby, they seem to have the right approach for everyone. Since 1985, the Powder Byrne team have been delivering the highest quality, flexible services possible in ski resorts in Switzerland, Austria and Italy. They have built up a strong following of loyal clients and here’s why…... Read more ›

24 January 2013 from Nikki in 'Family/Children''

teens skiing

If you’re lucky enough to have parents who like skiing and who took you on ski holidays when you were a child, you’ll probably have some great memories of those family holidays in the mountains like I do. However, if you continued to ski into your teenage years, you’ll probably have mixed feelings about your last few ski holidays with the family as a teenager. Suddenly, it was no longer fun having snowball fights and building snowmen with brothers and sisters, being filmed tobogganing and havi... Read more ›

3 January 2013 from Nikki in 'Family/Children''

kids lying in snow

The idea of taking your little angels to the mountains can be very tempting! Hours of fun having snowball fights, sledding, teaching your kids to ski and to love the mountains like you do. When booking your ski holiday, you see dreamy photos everywhere of laughing kids in fresh white snow with parents looking on proudly – the reality can be far from this.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing various informative articles with tons of tips and advice about taking kids of all ag... Read more ›

3 December 2012 from Nikki in 'Family/Children''

Arosa free ski hire

The ski resort of Arosa located in the Swiss Alps has decided to make a revolutionary offer for the upcoming winter season! Free ski and snowboard lessons for children and young people under 17 years old!
The offer is valid for bookings of two nights or more in 20 hotels and more than 50 apartment residences.... Read more ›


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