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16 October 2017 from Danielle in 'Ski areas'' | 0

Image credit: Val Thorens

There are certain ski pistes that take on a quasi-mythical status, sometimes because of the challenge they offer, other times simply for the unbeatable views. And while every ski piste is special in its own way, some of them are so amazing that they become the subject of international renown. Today, we’re looking at five ski pistes that are the stuff dreams are made of, ski pistes that should be on everybody’s bucket list, from France to Scotland. Why not seize the opportunity to visit one of... Read more ›

11 October 2017 from Danielle in 'Ski areas'' | 0

Tjeerd Terpstra is a bona-fide ski pro. A member of the Dutch Interski team for the past fifteen years and a trainer with the Dutch skiing association, he is also the owner of an indoor ski hill in the Netherlands. This skiing legend has been kind enough to share some tips with us on how to slay that fresh powder! After all, whether you’re a small child waking up on Christmas morning or a seasoned athlete strapping on your skis for yet another freeriding competition, is there anything better tha... Read more ›

2 October 2017 from Danielle in 'Ski areas'' | 0


One of the best parts about a ski holiday is undoubtedly the mouthwatering food. I’ll admit that on some of the more wintery days, going skiing all morning is just an excuse to earn my cheese fondue in the afternoon! The French in Savoie have developed more than one rich and hearty mountain dish, designed to warm the belly after a long, cold day in the mountains. Most of these dishes are simple dishes that are easy to make at home, provided you can find the ingredients – try your local Sainsb... Read more ›

25 September 2017 from Danielle in 'Ski areas'' | 0

© L. Salino, Alpe d

Flying into Grenoble for the holidays? Your ski trip just got a little easier! With airlines like EasyJet, Monarch and Jet2 operating flights to the UK, Grenoble Airport is a logical choice. And once you get there, there are loads of ski resorts within easy reach. Rent a car or book a transfer with Ben's Bus Shuttles, which runs shuttles to various nearby ski areas. We've put together a list of easily accessible ski resorts close to Grenoble Airport - whether you're flying with the family o... Read more ›

18 September 2017 from Danielle in 'Ski areas'' | 1

Are you planning a family ski holiday with the little ones this year? Whether you have babies, toddlers or older children, it’s definitely possible to have a fantastic ski holiday without breaking the bank. The key is to do your research and plan ahead. Many ski resorts nowadays are focusing on anticipating the needs of families with children of all ages. In this article, we’ll discuss good ski resorts for families, ski areas with free ski passes for children, choosing a ski school or a nurs... Read more ›

11 September 2017 from Danielle in 'Ski areas'' | 0

Chamonix ski resort

The French skiing airport par excellence, Chambéry Airport comes alive in the winter and welcomes hordes of British skiers and snowboarders. A short flight to this pretty little town will drop you right in the heart of French skiing territory, with access to almost every big French ski area including Chamonix, Les Trois Vallées and Les Portes du Soleil. Chambéry Airport operates seasonal winter flights to more than half a dozen destinations in the UK, mostly with BA but also with the bu... Read more ›

6 September 2017 from Nikki in 'Mountain weather'' | 3

weather report

The weather and snow conditions are, obviously, one of the most important factors when you go on your annual ski holidays and finding a reliable weather & snow report is not always easy. Will there be plenty of sunshine and/or fresh snow or will you be skiing in artic conditions or maybe on slushy snow? These are vital questions that you ask yourself in the run up to your ski holidays and Snowplaza has the answer to all these questions. If you want to know the weather forecast for the Alps and f... Read more ›

6 September 2017 from Nikki in 'Tips'' | 1

ski holidays 2018

It’s all over for the ski season and your ski holidays seem like a distant memory. However, you're already thinking about your next ski holidays in the 2018 ski season. Snowplaza has made an overview of everything you need to plan your perfect skiing holidays. You’ll find links to main topics about skiing and ski holidays in the Alps. You can see the best ski resorts in France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland to help you decide where to go on your next ski holidays. You can find and book ski acco... Read more ›

6 September 2017 from Danielle in 'Ski areas'' | 1

Giuseppe Distefano/Caters News

The first thing you think of when you hear “European ski resorts” is undoubtedly the Alps. What better place to ski or snowboard than on these majestic, renowned peaks which straddle the countries of France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria? Indeed, the Alps hold a cherished spot at the very heart of European skiing history. However, if you’re looking to spice up your ski holidays this year without flying to the four corners of the world, this article is for you. Whether it’s Norway, the Czech... Read more ›

29 August 2017 from Danielle in 'Ski areas'' | 0

Eco-friendly is all the rage right now, and for good reason. With the fluffy white snow of our beloved ski resorts under serious threat from global warming, it’s time to take action to preserve the environment! The good news is that more and more eco-friendly products are emerging every day in the ski industry. Exciting new developments in this field include the use of sustainably sourced woods and fabrics, plus a varied assortment of alternatives to plastic and harmful chemicals. Getting yo... Read more ›

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