30 March 2015 from Gareth in 'Mountain weather''

snow report

Our latest snow reports is good news for those planning ski holidays for the end of this season. Low pressure means snow and occasionally strong winds in the Alps this week. This week a thick layer of fresh snow will fall on higher slopes. For a large part of the Alps, between 50 and 80 cm of snow are forecast. In the Southern Alps the weather is much more settled and generally dry. Today it is generally cloudy with some snow and rain showers. The freeze level is slightly above 1500 meters but will drop tonight to well below 1000 meters. There should be about 20 to 40 cm of snow above 2000 meters by tomorrow.

Snow storms in the Alps! The wind is blowing hard in Austria and storms are forecast this afternoon on the high slopes. Tomorrow the westerly wind will be even stronger with snow storms above 2500m altitude and winds from 100 to even 150 km/h. With these conditions forecast, most ski areas will be closed for safety reasons. The French Alps, the Piedmont and Aosta will also have high winds. In the South Tyrol and the Dolomites the wind will not be as strong. Later in the day tomorrow, it will start snowing again and the freeze level will drop into the valleys. Around 10 to 20 cm of snow are forecast. Take a look at Ischgl's weather forecast to get an idea.

Ischgl snow report

Ischgl snow forecast

More snow for Easter weekend

Wednesday and Thursday will remain unstable although the wind should be less strong on Wednesday with snowfalls decreasing. On Thursday heavier snow showers are forecast along with strong winds. The freeze level will rise again on Thursday to around 1000 meters of altitude. In the French Alps and in Italy, the weather will be generally dry with some sunny spells on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday and over the Easter weekend a cold front will cross the mountains and snowfalls will continue in the northern Alps, but also in the northeast of Italy. The French Alps remain virtually dry all week!

fresh snow

Good news for the end of the season

This might be not great news for those skiing this week but it certainly means you can book an end of season ski holiday with complete peace of mind - there will be enough snow!

Skiing was something that was sort of forced on me as a child. When my parents signed me up for the school ski trip when I was 11, I think I sulked for a whole month! However, I have no idea how to thank them as I haven’t looked back since!