13 March 2015 from Gareth in 'Mountain weather''

snow report

If you’re going on your ski holidays next week, hopefully you have booked a trip to the Austrian and German Alps. This is where you will find the best skiing weather and snow conditions. In southern Switzerland and northwest Italy, however, it will snow heavily for a few days with 80 to 120 cm of snow falling in some resorts. The first snow will fall tonight in Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Western Dolomites, Valais, Ticino and in the French Alps. Generally only around 5 cm will fall so everyone who is travelling tomorrow should not encounter problems on the roads.

Snow in the Southern Alps

Snow already started falling earlier this week and tomorrow, it will start snowing everywhere on the south side of the Alps, in South Tyrol, Carinthia and Styria. Sunday's snowfalls increase substantially in northwest Italy. Every 6 hours there is about 5 to 10 cm of snow, with the heaviest snowfall in the Sestriere region. Monday morning there may be 30 to 60 cm of snow in Ticino, Valais and some parts of the French Alps. In the west of Piedmont there may be 80 cm of snow. Later in the day on Monday snowfalls will intensify again into South Tyrol and Carinthia. Under the 1000m altitude level, rain will fall. Monday night will bring levels of fresh snow in Sestriere to around the meter mark, while Carinthia will have 5 to 15 cm more. Tuesday's snowfall decreases and Wednesday will be dry.

snow report

Elsewhere sun and slushy snow!

In the French Alps with some luck by Monday there will already be better weather for skiing. On the north side of the Alps there is virtually no snow! The ski resorts in Vorarlberg, Tyrol, Salzburg and Bavaria will have mostly dry weather with sunny periods. A southerly wind and rising temperatures will rise the thaw boundary from 2000m to 2500m on Tuesday. Also Wednesday and Thursday will be quite warm especially in the afternoon when the snow quality will deteriorate. On Friday colder temperatures are expected and also the chance of snow will increase.

Skiing was something that was sort of forced on me as a child. When my parents signed me up for the school ski trip when I was 11, I think I sulked for a whole month! However, I have no idea how to thank them as I haven’t looked back since!