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If you're off on your ski holidays soon, instead of wondering what the snow conditions and weather forecast are for your chosen ski resort, you can simply set up your own personalised SnowAlert. Snowplaza has created this free snow report service allowing you to stay up-to-date by email on weather and snow in whichever resort(s) you choose. Will you have perfect skiing conditions for your next ski hoidays in France, Austria or Switzerland? Stop wondering and set up a SnowAlert right now and get your own personalised snow report!

Perfect snow & weather conditions

Of course everyone dreams of perfect skiing conditions for their ski holidays but perfect snow conditions and weather conditions are not always on the menu. By using the SnowAlert service, you'll receive your own personalised snow report for your chosen ski resort in the weeks (or months) running up to your ski holidays. You will stay up-to-date on how much snow has fallen and how often as well as general weather conditions so you'll know if you're going to be treated to perfect snow and weather on your ski holidays.

fresh snow

Plan your ski holidays

If you're an expert skier and you like to be perfectly prepared for your ski holidays, our free SnowAlert service is perfect for you. Receiving a regular snow report and weather forecast for your ski holiday destination will help you be better prepared for your ski holidays. Which skis or snowboard will you take? Will you pack ski gear for extreme conditions or lightweight gear for warm weather skiing? Do you need to take your equipment for skiing off-piste or will there be no fresh snow during your ski holidays?


Your snow report in seconds!

It's so quick and simple to set up your own SnowAlert snow report, it takes only a matter of seconds! Choose your ski resort and enter your email address and you're done! We'll send you our newsletter too! You can unsubscribe from any of these services at any time of course! However, we hope you enjoy staying up-to-date on snow reports and weather forecasts in your chosen resort with our SnowAlert, as well as tons of other interesting tips and advice and special deals featured in our newsletter. Activate my SnowAlert now!


Skiing was something that was sort of forced on me as a child. When my parents signed me up for the school ski trip when I was 11, I think I sulked for a whole month! However, I have no idea how to thank them as I haven’t looked back since!