2 March 2020 from Danielle in Mountain weather

We've had a few weeks now of snowfalls interspersed with bluebird weather. Today we can confirm that March has started off on a strong foot, with between 20-50cm of snow in many resorts. Thursday is expected to bring a similar dump of snow, with sunny days in between.

Today snow, tomorrow a bluebird ski day

The snow line is expected to lie around 1100m above sea level, with 20-50cm of snow and even more in some places. Right now it's snowing in the southern French Alps, as well as in Switzerland and Austria, albeit in smaller quantities. Tomorrow it will continue to snow in most places, moving away from France to the other alpine countries. By Wednesday it should be clear sailing in many resorts, with dry weather, calm winds and sun. Thursday will see another 20-40cm of snow above 800m altitude, except in Austria where it will be dry until evening. Looking towards the weekend, there will be less snow, with grey skies and the occasional snowfall in the northern Alps and warmer temperatures in the southern Alps.

Webcam (Valfréjus)
In the French Alps (Valfréjus) the snow is coming down hard
Webcam Mayrhofen
Clouds rolling in over Austria (Mayrhofen)

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