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Chamonix ski resort

The French skiing airport par excellence, Chambéry Airport comes alive in the winter and welcomes hordes of British skiers and snowboarders. A short flight to this pretty little town will drop you right in the heart of French skiing territory, with access to almost every big French ski area including Chamonix, Les Trois Vallées and Les Portes du Soleil. Chambéry Airport operates seasonal winter flights to more than half a dozen destinations in the UK, mostly with BA but also with the budget airline Flybe. This means it’s entirely feasible to indulge in a low-cost ski weekend this winter! Read more ›

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Giuseppe Distefano/Caters News

The first thing you think of when you hear “European ski resorts” is undoubtedly the Alps. What better place to ski or snowboard than on these majestic, renowned peaks which straddle the countries of France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria? Indeed, the Alps hold a cherished spot at the very heart of European skiing history. However, if you’re looking to spice up your ski holidays this year without flying to the four corners of the world, this article is for you. Whether it’s Norway, the Czech Republic or Sicily, we’d like to introduce you to 5 ski areas that are worth the detour! Without further ado, here they are... Read more ›

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Eco-friendly is all the rage right now, and for good reason. With the fluffy white snow of our beloved ski resorts under serious threat from global warming, it’s time to take action to preserve the environment! The good news is that more and more eco-friendly products are emerging every day in the ski industry. Exciting new developments in this field include the use of sustainably sourced woods and fabrics, plus a varied assortment of alternatives to plastic and harmful chemicals. Getting your hands on eco-friendly products is easier than ever. Let’s work together to ensure snowy slopes for years to come! Read more ›

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Geneva is a wonderful jumping-off point for many ski resorts. Located on the border between France, Switzerland and Germany, it is within short reach of some of the best skiing in the Alps. And with many budget airlines offering cheap flights into Geneva, there has never been a better time to plan your ski holiday starting from this international city. Once you’ve landed, renting a car is an easy way to get to your destination with all your ski gear, but it’s also possible to take trains. Here is a sample of the best ski areas within easy reach of Geneva Airport. Read more ›

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choosing skis

With so many different kinds of skis out there, how do you find the type that’s right for you? This depends on a few things. First, do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or expert skier? The next thing to ask yourself is whether you are more of a recreational skier or whether you plan to be skiing in competitions, and whether you prefer to take it easy or whether you’re a speed devil. Finally, consider whether you plan to do mostly on-piste or off-piste skiing. In this article we will break down the characteristics of a few common types of skis and explain what kind of skier each ski is meant for. Read more ›

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