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19 October from Danielle in 'Tips''

So, you hit the jackpot and found a budget flight straight to the heart of the Alps. You were thinking ahead, so you’ve already booked an affordable hotel and looked into lift passes. Looks like your relatively cheap holiday in the Alps is all lined up! Or is it? Sorry, EasyJet, did you say ONE carry-on bag? As in… no personal items? With fees for sports equipment starting at £35, it’s worth thinking hard about what items you absolutely need to take, and which ones might be better to rent. Here are Snowplaza’s tips for packing for a budget flight to the Alps. Read more ›

14 October from Danielle in 'General''

There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than by gloating over the misfortunes of others. And while après-ski can be a nice time to wind down with friends after a day of skiing, it also provides some of the best opportunities for making a fool of yourself in public. Pick a bar, take an apérol spritz and wash it down with some mulled wine and a few pints, add some classic après-ski music and you’ve all the makings of your very own viral Youtube clip! Read more ›

11 October from Danielle in 'Destinations''

There are certain ski pistes that take on a quasi-mythical status, sometimes because of the challenge they offer, other times simply for the unbeatable views. And while every ski piste is special in its own way, some of them are so amazing that they become the subject of international renown. Today, we’re looking at five ski pistes that are the stuff dreams are made of, ski pistes that should be on everybody’s bucket list, from France to Scotland. Why not seize the opportunity to visit one of these extraordinary pistes on your next ski holidays? Read more ›

8 October from Danielle in 'Ski areas''

Lech and Zürs am Arlberg are part of Ski Arlberg, Austria's largest linked ski area. These two famous villages are a jumping-off point for more than 300 kilometres of slopes, accessed by 88 lifts. Highlights of the Lech Zürs am Arlberg ski area include the "Der Weisse Ring" ski tour, the Lech snow park and the unlimited off-piste possibilities. Read more ›

29 September from Danielle in 'Tips''

There are many things to consider when buying a new pair of ski goggles, from the different types of lenses to the way they fit your helmet. In this article we'll break down some of the most important considerations. Read more ›