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Choosing the right travel insurance policy for your winter sports holiday can be a daunting task. With so many providers and such a difference in price tags, it’s tempting to just give in and get the cheapest one. But an extra hundred pounds now could save you thousands of pounds and a lot of hassle down the road. Skiing and snowboarding are risky sports and travel insurance companies often make you pay a premium for coverage. While the EHIC card goes partway towards covering your costs, it’s no substitute for proper winter sports travel insurance. Here’s how to pick the policy that’s right for you. Read more ›

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Dancing on tables at après-ski was fun back in the day, but with young children in tow, the image of your ideal ski resort will have to shift a little! If you’re trying to plan the perfect family ski holiday in the Alps, you’ll need to scope out a ski resort that has beginner-appropriate terrain and, ideally, some children’s discounts and family-friendly facilities! The sunny region of South Tyrol in Italy is particularly popular with young families, but there are plenty of other ski resorts with kids’ skiing areas, ski cross, you name it. Below are ten of our favourite ski resorts for families in Italy. Read more ›

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Even at the best of times, the Alps are a fair trek away. And now, in the middle of summer, the ski hills seem farther away than ever. But then, whoever said you had to go all the way to the mountains to get some skiing in? With the help of these amazing virtual reality goggles, you can bring the ski resort into your living room! From expensive, top-quality virtual reality goggles to simple and affordable headsets that sync with your smartphone, skiing has never been so accessible. Here’s an overview of some of the VR skiing options currently on the market. Wearing actual skis and boots is optional! Read more ›

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We toss around the word ‘gradient’ a lot in the skiing world. But if you’re secretly wondering how exactly that translates to the angles that you used to measure with your protractor, rest assured you’re not alone. There’s a lot of confusion on the subject, especially as you’ll sometimes see slopes measured in degrees and sometimes in percentages – which makes the whole business a little bit like comparing apples and oranges! Should you be awestruck at someone who managed to ski a 45° piste? Will you impress your mates after skiing a groomed piste with a gradient of 60%? Here’s a little guide so you can boast properly about that wicked run you just killed. Read more ›

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Usually we skiers and snowboarders flee as far as we can from the Alps as soon as they start showing hints of green. Who wants to ski on depressing brown slopes? We sadly pack up our ski equipment and resign ourselves to waiting out another long summer until the start of the next ski season. But this means we often don’t get a chance to see the amazing sight of ski resorts in the summer, which are often totally unrecognisable! Depressing as it may be, there’s a certain beauty to these pictures of ski resorts in the summer. And hey, just another few months until the first ski resorts start opening up for the 2018/19 ski season! Yay! Read more ›

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