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Dubbed the “Island in the Sun” for its annual 300 days of sunshine, L'Alpe d’Huez is the fifth-largest ski resort in France, with 250km of pistes for all ages and abilities. The ski area boasts fantastic terrain and some of the most breathtaking views in the Alps. L'Alpe d’Huez’s ski season stretches from December to April and although the slopes are mostly south-facing, snow is guaranteed until late in the season at this high-altitude ski resort. L'Alpe d’Huez is certified with the French Famille Plus label but also boasts some of the hardest pistes in the Alps. The resort has just announced it will host the Tomorrowland music festival from March 13-15! Read more ›

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They offer all the freedom of having two normal feet, plus the adrenaline rush of being able to whiz down the slopes. Are they the next snow sport? Resembling ice skates, Snowfeet seem poised to take the world by storm. Their promotional film shows a “snowfooter” navigating his way through normal pistes and gladed slopes, weaving in and out between skiers and snowboarders and even pulling off small jumps and tricks. He appears to have no trouble going fast and we can imagine après-ski would be a lot more comfortable in these shoes! A revolutionary new trend or a gimmicky fad? Read more ›

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It’s a spooky time for skiers and snowboarders in Eastern Europe – first the ski lift catastrophe in Georgia, and now this weird phenomenon: ski resorts in Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Ukraine are being blanketed in orange snow. Experts believe this to be due to sand and dust from storms in the Sahara Desert, whose particles then mixed with snow and rain clouds in Eastern Europe. Others speculate that the orange snow may have something to do with pollution, as it was found to contain significant amounts of iron, acids and nitrates. Below are photos from Instagram users who managed to capture the bizarre phenomenon. Read more ›

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Finally, a long weekend! The chocolate and bunnies at Easter are all good and well, but true skiers and boarders know that, more importantly, this might be the last good opportunity to take a quick jaunt to the Alps this year. Instead of looking for eggs amongst the spring flowers, the forecast this weekend calls for powder snow and après-ski! But which ski resort to choose, which to choose? We’ve taken a look at ski resorts in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France and chosen the top 5 ski resorts for an Easter ski holiday. From Good Friday through Easter Monday, that’s a decent holiday! Read more ›

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Most skiers and snowboarders start getting crazy excited around August in anticipation of ski season. You, on the other hand, prefer a more relaxed, realistic attitude, and only start getting fussed when the first snowflakes fall from the sky. Around January you begin looking at ski holiday packages for the end of the season – a long weekend should be more than enough, right? If you recognise yourself in these traits, you probably aren’t a hardcore skier. But hey, that’s ok! Take this quiz to find out whether you belong on the steepest slopes or whether you’d be more at home in the bar with a nice mulled wine. Read more ›

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