13 January 2020 from Danielle in Mountain weather

The Alps are still mired in high-pressure areas that have brought calm weather with barely any fresh snow over the past few weeks. Luckily temperatures have remained cold with relatively low humidity levels, so the quality of the snow already on the pistes hasn't suffered too much. The rest of this week looks to remain about the same, but weather reports are predicting this weekend will bring fresh snow to the Alps.

Dry and sunny from now through Thursday

A persistent high-pressure area above the Mediterranean will ensure more calm weather over the next few days, with disruptions from the Atlantic remaining a considerable distance away from the Alps. Mild temperatures but dry air should keep the snow pack more or less stable. Thursday might be slightly warmer, but this will be short-lived as a cold front moves in on Friday.

Finally: fresh snow at the weekend

Friday and Saturday should bring some flurries to the northwestern Alps. Don't expect the huge snowfall of last January, but ski areas will likely receive a nice dusting between 10 and 20 centimetres to tide them through the weekend. A high-pressure front over the British Isles will bring more cold air to the Alps, but the southern Alps will likely have towait until after the weekend to see any snow.

Webcam Tignes
Current conditions in Tignes: a good snowpack but little fresh snow

Good time to drive to the Alps

If you're planning on driving to the Alps, this is a good week to do it. Roads are mostly dry and clear, except in northern France and parts of Benelux. Friday and Saturday may bring more difficult driving conditions and some snow.

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