18 December 2014 from Nikki in 'Live from the slopes''


The first stop of the Snowplaza Ski Safari was Flachau in Austria. This popular ski resort opened some of its ski lifts last Friday. This was a week later than planned due to lack of snow – but just in time for the Snowplaza Ski Safari team who arrived on Sunday! Although the valley was still dressed in autumn clothing, the mountain was wearing its white blanket and pistes that were open were in good condition. The snow making teams had been working 24/7! Here’s our live report from Flachau – maybe your next choice for this year’s ski holidays!

Sunny Sunday skiing in Flachau

Once the team got up on the pistes in Flachau on Sunday, the clouds had drifted away and they were treating to some beautiful views and warm sunshine. Flachau has not yet opened its entire ski area so there were only a limited number of lifts open. However, the team visited Wagrain and Alpendorf and visited a 'green' village in the Achterjet and sat looking expectantly upwards at the snow on the mountain peaks! Regardless of this, they did come across some trees where there was still a thin layer of snow!


Sunny Sunday skiing in Flachau

Remarkably good slopes in Flachau

Although it was a shame the skiing was limited in Flachau, the state of the runs was apparently remarkably good. With only 40cm of snow on the slopes, there was the occasional inevitable bare patch (only 1 deep scratch in Miranda’s ski was the damage at the end of the day!) The slopes near Flachau were wide and perfect for cruising. In the Wagrain direction, where the slopes are much steeper, the team had a lot of fun challenging their skills!

Flachau to Alpendorf

On Monday it was cloudy and relatively warm. The team took the G-Link connection towards Alpendorf. Unfortunately, here there was less snow than in Flachau with many little brown patches on the slopes. Nevertheless, there was still some great skiing. Because of the warm temperatures, the snow was soft which always makes for comfortable skiing! However, knowing that the snow is melting under your skis is not great!


Good snow conditions in Flachau

Will it snow in Flachau in time for Christmas?

All in all, there is very little to criticise about the piste quality on the higher slopes in Flachau. However, of course it would be nice if there could be fresh snow for the Christmas holidays so more lifts and runs can open. With high temperatures, precipitation will fall as rain and this could be disastrous for those taking ski holidays at Christmas! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for some cold weather in the next few days!

Snowplaza Ski Safari - next stop Kaprun...

The live report from the Snowplaza Ski Safari will be Kaprun, Zell am See and Saalbach - Hinterglemm. Watch this space and don't forget to leave comments and tips if you have any to share with the team. You can also follow the story on Facebook.

Being lucky enough to have parents who were crazy about skiing, my love for the mountains started when I was 4 years old on our first family ski holiday to Austrian ski resort of Obergurl. One ski holiday a year was never enough and tears rolled down my face as I looked out the back window of the car on the drive down the valley on the way home!