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Allalin revolving restaurant

For those who like to tell friends all about their latest ski holiday, and, in particular, leave them wide-eyed and impressed, then here are three world record holding attractions, all situated within close proximity of each other, that you can visit in just one afternoon! These three attractions are accessible to everyone, regardless of age (except those sensitive to extremely high altitudes) and you simply need to be in the ski resort of Saas Fee in Switzerland, have an afternoon free, a valid ski pass and be armed with hat, gloves and a good camera!

The world’s highest metro!

The unforgettable adventure starts at 3000 meters of altitude at the "Felskinn" station above the ski resort of Saas Fee. Here, visitors climb board the subterranean alpine train “Metro Alpin” and travel through the very heart of the mountain before getting off at the Mittelallalin stop at an altitude of 3456 meters above sea level!

revolving restaurant alallin

The world’s highest revolving restaurant!

If the altitude doesn’t make you dizzy, then eating in the world’s highest revolving restaurant at 3500m above sea level, high above the Swiss ski resort of Saas Fee, might do the job! The Allalin restuarant, situated at an altitude of 3500m at the top of the Allalin mountain, offers its visitors outstanding 360 degree views of the whole mountain range including the famous Saaser Mischabel chain, and the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. While you’re admiring the views, you can sample the excellent salad buffet offering a varied selection of fresh produce or you could try Valaisian Platter and tuck into some delicious dried meats, ham, bacon, Saas Sausage and local cheese. If you need warming up, then the Älplermaccaroni (Alpine maccaroni cheese), Rösti (Hash browns), pasta or pizza will fit the bill... Once satisfied after a delicious lunch, you’re ready to visit the third, and in my opinion, the most spectacular, of the world record breaking attractions in this area.

The world’s largest ice pavilion!

A long tunnel leads into the heart of the “Fairy Glacier” and takes you into another world… If you have ever wondered what a glacier looks like from the inside or have been asking yourself how deep a crevasse might be, then you can find the answers to all your questions right here! You can explore this magical grotto which has existed for thousands of years and has an impressive volume of 5500 m³! A series of walkways have been installed which take you through the inside of the glacier and meet up in a central exhibition area where there some stunning ice sculptures and other exhibits on show. There is a minimal entrance fee and you can have all your questions answered on the guided tour which is lead by the glaciologist Benedikt Schyder. The tour is free of charge but reservation is required before 5pm the previous day.

ice pavilion

After a day up here you’ll certainly feel on top of the world!! Leave a comment or join us on Facebook and tell us if you've visited these (or any other similar) spectacular attractions...

from Lucy on 2 April

This looks quite simply awesome! Thanks for the info :)

from cassie on 25 September

We've definitely chosen a resort to impress our friends this year -- a couple who've skied before but never with us. Saas Fee, here we come. Will check on your choices of hotels when I have more time. Thanks

from Frank on 12 December

I was there a few years ago and it is a very beautiful (and traffic-free) town. We travelled just after Christmas and I could see before we left it was experinecing a chilly spell with -12C in the village. When we got there it was still chilly and -20 up the mountain. I had to buy a special skip cap in a local sports shop with ear flaps and an extra layer at the front to stop my brain from freezing when I was skiing. A great place. Here's a trivia question for you ... What famous Christmas music video was recorded there (you will here it again this year and probably for the next 20 years)? Enjoy your break I am jealous. Frank

from Nikki (Snowplaza) on 15 December

Thanks for the great question Frank - its 'Last Christmas' from Wham of course :)

Being lucky enough to have parents who were crazy about skiing, my love for the mountains started when I was 4 years old on our first family ski holiday to Austrian ski resort of Obergurl. One ski holiday a year was never enough and tears rolled down my face as I looked out the back window of the car on the drive down the valley on the way home!