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28 March 2013 from Nikki in 'Out of the ordinary', Ski areas''

Alallin revolving restaurant

For those who like to tell friends all about their latest ski holiday, and, in particular, leave them wide-eyed and impressed, then here are three world record holding attractions, all situated within close proximity of each other, that you can visit in just one afternoon! These three attractions are accessible to everyone, regardless of age (except those sensitive to extremely high altitudes) and you simply need to be in the ski resort of Saas Fee in Switzerland, have an afternoon free, a vali... Read more ›

22 March 2013 from Nikki in 'Out of the ordinary''

ski slopes by night

When the days start getting longer and the temperatures start to rise, people like to venture out at night on their ski holidays to enjoy that magical atmosphere that you only find in ski resorts after dark. The crisp air, black sky sparkling with endless stars and the huge, white mountains that seem to be keeping watch over the ski resort until sunrise! Spring is here and you no longer put off the moment you have leave the restaurant at the end of your meal because it’s so damn cold – you actu... Read more ›

25 January 2013 from Nikki in 'Out of the ordinary''

refuge du gouter

As promised in my article “Early birds on the slopes”, I have put together a list of mountain refuges across the Alps where you can sleep up on the slopes and really feel on top of the world! Mountain refuges are no longer cold, sparsely furnished, ramshackle huts with no running water and drafty windows. These days, many offer almost luxury services such as gourmet meals and en-suite facilities! There’s nothing better than watching the sun setting behind the mountains and knowing you’re almos... Read more ›

22 January 2013 from Nikki in 'Out of the ordinary''

sunrise on the mountains

As a life-long fan of everything involved in skiing and snowboarding, I find it hard to list unpleasant things about ski holidays! If I had to list two, then they would be: queuing for the first lift to get up the mountain after breakfast and avoiding an accident with a skier or snowboarder while trying to negotiate that skinny red run at the top of the ski lift that links to the rest of the ski area!

If, like me, you love skiing but feel you have now earned the right to have a bit o... Read more ›

14 January 2013 from Nikki in 'Out of the ordinary''

ice sculpture

If you’re lucky enough to be in the Savoie region in the French Alps this week, then there is an exceptional exhibition that mustn’t be missed!

This unforgettable outdoor art gallery will delight everyone from 0 to 99 years old and from the most humble soul to the most hardened culture vulture! The 22nd Ice Sculpture Competition will be held this week in Valloire, the largest ski area of the Haute Maurienne region. The exhibition starts from tomorrow and continues until Friday. ... Read more ›

4 December 2012 from Nikki in 'Out of the ordinary''

Save the mountains

The winter sports industry is certainly not immune to the green trend and in recent years ski resorts have started to follow the rest of the world with some interesting sustainable development initiatives. Large investment is being made in latest high-tech, energy-efficient equipment, skiers’ awareness about the need to respect the natural surroundings, promotion of the use of public transport and much more…... Read more ›


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