30 November 2019 from Danielle in Lists

It's nearing the end of November and almost all ski resorts in the Alps should be open for skiing within the next month. Excited? So are we! Here are 12 things that you're liable to experience on your first day back on the slopes.

1. Forget something

You're enthusiastic! So enthusiastic that you forgot to bring your helmet/goggles/mittens. Luckily you're still in time to catch the ski bus, run back to the hotel and get your gear... but of course, you'll be sacrificing first tracks...

ski pass in jacket

2. Sore feet and stiff muscles

They say the body forgets pain and this must be true, because why else would we subject ourselves to the ache of those uncomfortable ski boots year after year after year? And that's not to mention the burning thighs - what did we do all summer that could have made us lose this much muscle mass? Tip: keep up on your pre-season exercises and you'll be fit in time for ski season next year. This winter you'll just have to suffer, however.

3. Take a billion selfies

OMG, the mountains are just so stunningly beautiful! You'd better let all your friends know you're having a better time than them. Time to whip out the selfie stick!

4. Stuff your face with schnitzel and apple strudel

You've been dreaming all year about a scrumptious meal of wiener schnitzel followed by a delicious apple strudel, and naturally this is the first thing you'll dig into as soon as you can find an excuse to take a break from skiing. Can't wait that long? Make it yourself at home:

Wiener schnitzel recipe
Apple strudel recipe

wiener schnitzel

5. Get hammered at après-ski

Before the last lifts have stopped turning you've already installed yourself comfortably at an umbrella bar, pint in hand. Après-ski is an integral part of skiing and it wouldn't be a true ski holiday if you didn't wake up the next morning cursing yourself for having one drink too many. First tracks, anybody?

6. Scream with happiness

No explanation needed. How great is it to be in the snow again?

7. Make a snow angel or dive into the snow

If you're lucky, you'll have a thick pack of powder snow to play in on your first day skiing. Don't miss this chance to make a snow angel or just dive straight into the snow!

diving into the snow

8. Have a snowball fight

Whether you're with a group of friends or with the family, a snowball fight will get everybody's adrenaline levels up!

9. Forget your sunscreen

You've been in the rainy UK and completely forgotten what sunscreen is for - well, Mother Nature is about to remind you with a striking goggle tan! Oh well, at least you can make your colleagues jealous.

10. Start drinking at 10am

This applies to the rest of the week as well. Normal time goes out the window on a ski holiday!

beer in mountains

11. Crash

It's hard to pick up a sport ten months after you last did it! Almost all of us will crash at some point during the first few days back on skis. Extra points if you faceplant! 

12. Choose hot chocolate over coffee

Coffee keeps us going on a busy workday, but when you're in the mountains something about hot chocolate just does the trick - especially a hot chocolate with a thick layer of whipped cream and maybe a dash of rum. Mmm.

hot chocolate against mountain backdrop
hot chocolate against mountain backdrop image widget

Born and raised in the ski paradise of Vancouver, Canada, I learned to ski before I can remember, balancing precariously on my parents’ skis as they sailed down the hill. I started snowboarding in my teens and am now delighted to be exploring everything Europe’s ski scene has to offer!