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Enjoying the sun in the Alps where it belongs!

As we face a brutal heatwave this week, perhaps you can’t help thinking wistfully of the cold, crisp winter air in the Alps. Yes, maybe we sometimes freeze our arses off while skiing and snowboarding, but you can’t beat the refreshing sensation of a million snowflakes gently pelting against your face as you soar gleefully down the slopes. A true skier or snowboarder was born to prefer the winter, there’s just no getting around it. From mosquitoes to slimy sunscreen to bikinis, here are ten signs you prefer winter – aka ski season! – over summer. Just a few more months until the start of ski season 2018/19!

1. You're the only happy one in winter because rain in Britain is snow in the Alps!

While everyone around you is griping at the dropping temperatures in the winter, you’re walking around with a secret smile plastered on your face because the colder it is, the better the snow will be on the mountains! It’s not so fun in the summer when the tables are turned and the mountains are brown. Bah humbug.

2. You hate the awful guilty feeling you always get in summer

Summer brings that inescapable pressure to get outside and be active, like some freakishly happy and healthy person in a Decathlon advert, when all you really have the energy to do is sit in the shade weakly waving a fan back and forth to ward off the scorching 25° weather.

3. You can only do exercise if there’s a pint of beer and a mountain terrace waiting for you afterwards

Sweating it out on the treadmill in a dingy gym... it’s just not for you. But you can be counted on to be the first on the lift and the last on the slopes (the après-ski joint on the mountain counts as ‘slopes’, right?). Just the first of many reasons you were clearly made to be a skier and not a beach bum.

Pint of beer on a mountain terrace after skiing

The just reward for a hard day of skiing

4. A ski suit is more flattering than a swimsuit

Now that you’re not tackling those thigh-burning black slopes all week long, you’ve started putting on the pounds, just in time for bikini season. The flabby bits that refuse to stay put under your swimsuit make you think wistfully of the generous coverage of a ski jacket and ski pants. Bring back ski season! Plus, skiing is an excuse to wear your best fluorescent retro 80’s gear.

5. Après-ski food

The ski suit has another advantage in that it allows you to stuff as much kaiserschmarrn and cheese fondue into your gullet as is humanly possible. While you would love to be one of those people who can survive on fruit and nuts all summer like some prehistoric caveman in really good shape, that diet’s just not cutting it for you.

Delicious plate of kaiserschmarrn

Delicious plate of kaiserschmarrn

6. Goggle tan suits you better than general pastiness with occasional red patches

Your goggle tan was proudly earned this year. Ok, ok, your goggle tan is there because, like every year, you underestimated the power of sunshine reflecting off the bright white snow. But you wear it proudly, as it’s evidence that you are a true ski bum and spent practically all winter in the Alps. It definitely beats the trademark pastiness of skin that was never meant to be exposed to that much sunlight.

7. The mosquitoes are driving you insane

While there is really no way to link this specifically to ski season, mosquitoes are one of the worst things about summer. Do you have to worry about mosquitoes during a winter ski holiday in the Alps? No. Case closed.

Lying in the snow at a ski resort

No need to worry about mosquitoes in the winter

8. You don’t know how to dance without ski boots

It’s awkward, it’s clumsy and it’s hard to keep a beat... without your ski boots on! Dancing takes practice, and you’ve been practising all winter with a certain weight distribution. It’s hardly surprising that you’re stumbling all over the place! Plus, what are these ridiculous summer pop songs? Where are the German après-ski hits?

9. It's such an effort to pick out new clothes every day

You had it down to a routine: ski socks, long johns, base layer, jumper, ski jacket, pants, scarf and mittens. They spent all night drying in the corner of your room and they’re an item, ready to be slipped on again in under 2 minutes for another day on the slopes. It's just such a conundrum when you have to actually decide what to wear in the morning!

Ski outfit in the summer

The ski outfit just doesn't look right against a summer backdrop, innit

10. Sand is getting in everything

Snow cleans things, and then it melts. Sand gets in every single crevice and, much as you can spend hours cleaning your rucksack, your car and all your belongings, it still manages to find a way to douse your whole bedroom floor when you undress at night. Ski hill > beach

Ski season 2018/19 is just around the corner

Ok so summer was fun when it started but it's starting to get a little depressing! If you're like us, you're clinging to the news every time we hear about recent snowfall in the Alps, and we're combing our calendars for gaps to see if we might be able to squeeze in a quick weekend jaunt to a glacier ski resort in the Alps. But don't worry, even for the most desperate among us, consolation lies in the fact that the 2018/19 is almost, almost upon us. Just a few more months - really!


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Born and raised in the ski paradise of Vancouver, Canada, I learned to ski before I can remember, balancing precariously on my parents’ skis as they sailed down the hill. I started snowboarding in my teens and am now delighted to be exploring everything Europe’s ski scene has to offer!

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