Intermediate skiers need a perfectly balanced ski area which offers challenges and, at the same time, some easier slopes for those times when confidence might be lacking! Even though intermediate skiers may have abandoned the practice area a long time ago, a nice wide blue or a gentle red run never did anyone any harm! At the sight of a black run, an intermediate skier’s heart starts beating faster but it no longer seems impossible! The intermediate skier therefore needs a relatively large and varied ski area with many possibilities to explore.

In the Alps, there are many ski resorts where intermediate skiers will feel right at home. A wide range of blue runs for gentle cruising, some long red runs and the occasional black run for the challenge make the perfect recipe for the perfect holiday. We have chosen a few ski holiday destinations where advanced skiers will gain confidence and make great progress.

Vlag ATMayrhofen has something for everyone

MayrhofenMayrhofen has long been an extremely popular ski holiday destination for every type of skier. Over 200 kilometers of pristine slopes and great après-ski make the perfect recipe for the perfect holiday. On the slopes of the Zillertal ski area, intermediate skiers will be spoilt for choice with over 250km of blue and red slopes! The further you go into this vast ski area, the more likely you are to have beautiful slopes almost for yourself! More info about Mayrhofen

Vlag FRCover miles of slopes in Megève

MegèveIf you’re looking for a high number of kilometers of slopes then you should choose one of the largest and most extensive ski areas in the Alps. The Evasion Mont-Blanc is one such area. Over 300 of the 400km of slopes are blue and red meaning you will rarely come across a black run – unless you want the challenge! With this much choice, you’ll have to get your skis on to cover the whole area on a one week ski holiday! More info about Megève

Vlag CHPlenty of challenges in the ski resort of Davos

DavosIn Davos you will certainly see plenty of fur coats and expensive cars, but you also get treated to some fantastic skiing. Around Davos there are 5 excellent ski areas! The Parsenn on the slopes of the Weissfluhjoch mountain is the perfect spot for intermediate skiers looking for a challenge as there are more than 100 kilometers of slopes waiting for you, most of which are red! Davos is also linked to the famous ski resort of Klosters opening up many possibilities. More info about Davos

Vlag FRCarefree skiing in Tignes

TignesIn Tignes you will find an amazing array of ski slopes to suit all levels. On the wide, blue slopes, intermediate skiers can practice carving before moving onto the varied red slopes. For the braver ones, there are some easy black runs to gain confidence on! Don’t be put off by the high altitudes, even though there are ski slopes reaching up to 3456 meters, nearly 150km of these are blue and 70km are red! More info about Tignes

Vlag ITSki in the largest ski area in Italy

Sestrière The ski resort of Sestrière is perfectly located in the huge Via Lattea ski area, with 400 its kilometers of slopes. It’s not the size of the ski area that makes it perfect for intermediate skiers, it’s the number of blue and red runs! 95km of blue runs and 220km of red runs – even the most determined intermediate skier will find it hard to ski all of these runs in one week! More info about Sestrière

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