Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to skiing and snowboarding holidays. One skier might prefer a ski area full of challenging black runs, while another is looking for easy skiing and all night apres-ski. An advanced skier has very different demands on a ski holiday than someone who is on their first ski holidays. For families, of course, it is essential to have a good ski school for children and professional childcare but also to have a choice of other activities to keep the little ones busy. Maybe the grandparents also go on the family ski holidays and they would like to go hiking or cross country skiing. Maybe you fancy trying summer skiing for a change and you're not sure where to go...

Below are the main criteria to consider when choosing a ski holiday destination. Click on the topics and you'll find a list of the best ski resorts to suit your needs. Yet again, Snowplaza is here to help you find your perfect ski holidays.

Apres-ski at its best

Apres-skiApres-ski, for many people on their ski holidays is more important than the actual skiing or snowboarding. The number of pistes, facilities and good snow are just an afterthought – the number of apres-ski bars is, however, the No. 1 priority! A ski holiday without good apres-ski is like a ski holiday without good snow for those avid party goers. Austria is already well-known for its apres-ski but in recent years France, in particular, has been trying to catch up… Here are some of the best apres-ski resorts in the Alps. Best apres-ski resorts

Family ski resorts

Family friendly ski resortsA family-friendly ski resort is one which is adapted to the needs of the whole family. For younger children this means, of course, that there are sufficient facilities so that they feel at home. Family-friendly accommodation with adapted equipment and a ski resort where children have plenty of space and activities to keep them busy, are not always easy to find. We’ve put together a list of family ski resorts by country – ski resorts where you can be sure to spend unforgettable ski holidays with the whole family. Family ski resorts

Best ski resorts for beginners

BeginnersWhen learning to ski or snowboard, you’re certainly not interested in black runs, mogul fields and awesome off-piste tracks! What’s most important to you is the number of gentle blue slopes and easy drag lifts! To really enjoy your first ski holiday, you need to make a lot of important decisions and choices – the most important being – which ski resort is the best for beginners! Below is a selection of the best ski resorts for beginner skiers. Best ski resorts for beginners

Best ski resorts for intermediate skiers

intermediate skierIntermediate skiers have one thing in mind – becoming an advanced skier! Blue runs are no longer challenging enough and red runs are becoming really fun! An intermediate skier needs a varied ski area with mixed red runs and tricky blues. The odd easy black run is good for the ego – but gently does it – let’s not take too many risks! Off-piste terrain next to marked runs is perfect for learning off-piste skills while staying safe. Below you can see our selection of the best ski resorts for intermediate skiers. Best ski resorts for intermediate skiers

Best ski resorts for snowboarding

SnowboardingSnowboarders often get blamed for bare patches on the pistes or taking up too much space in cable cars. Snowboarders think differently! They believe that skiers don't know what they're missing! The wonderful feeling of having both feet firmly on a snowboard carving down the slopes is indescribable. Snowboarding is now becoming popular with all ages – not just the younger crowd. Many adults are switching from skiing to snowboarding to try new sensations up on the slopes. Below is a list of the best ski resorts for snowboarding. Best ski resorts for snowboarding

The best cross-country ski resorts

The best cross-country ski resortsIn the Alps there are plenty of ski resorts where you can go cross country skiing. Hundreds of kilometers of trails have been marked out in the beautiful mountain landscapes giving access to areas outside the downhill ski areas. No noise from the chair lifts or cable cars, no crowds or queuing – only the sound of nature and your own breathing as you push yourself and test your limits. Here you will find a selection of the best cross-country skiing resorts in the Alps. Best cross-country ski resorts

Best summer skiing spots

Best summer skiing spotsSummer skiing could be the answer for you if you're looking for an alternative to those sometimes disappointing beach holidays. Often the idea of pristine sandy beaches and crystal clear water doesn’t match the reality. Packed, dirty beaches and murky sea water is what we sadly find in many European seaside resorts. Fresh air, no pollution or crowds AND the possibility of skiing is what summer skiing is all about! What are you waiting for? Here's our Top 5 summer skiing resorts in the Alps. Best summer skiing spots

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