Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to skiing and snowboarding holidays. One skier might prefer a ski area full of challenging black runs, while another is looking for easy skiing and all-night après-ski. An advanced skier has very different demands on a ski holiday than someone who is on their first ski holidays. For families, of course, it is essential to have a good ski school for children and professional childcare; but also to have a choice of other activities to keep the little ones busy. Maybe the grandparents also go on the family ski holidays and they would like to go hiking or cross-country skiing. Maybe you fancy trying summer skiing for a change and you're not sure where to go...

Below are the main criteria to consider when choosing a ski holiday destination. Click on the topics and you'll find a list of the best ski resorts to suit your needs. Snowplaza is here to help you find your perfect ski holidays.

Best family-friendly ski resorts

Family-friendlyPlanning a family ski holiday can be challenging but if you choose your ski resort wisely, your trip should go off without a hitch. Forget the après-ski and look for family-friendly facilities, nurseries and ski schools. Throw in a restaurant or two and maybe a swimming pool and you’re in business! Whether your tots are just starting to make their way down the nursery slopes or whether your teens are already honing their freestyle skills in the snow parks, these ten ski areas offer everything you need for a good time with the kids. Explore the best family-friendly ski resorts >

Best ski resorts for après-ski

Après-skiFor many of us, a skiing or snowboarding holiday is not complete without a healthy dose of après-ski. Skiing straight off the piste and right onto a sunny terrace to have a drink with your boots still on is the ultimate, well-earned luxury. For those who like to party hard, you can usually count on the shenanigans to run late into the night. Across the Alps, ski resorts add their own national flavour for a lively end to the day. From Tyrolean antics to sophisticated live DJ's, here are the top ten après-ski resorts in the Alps. Explore the best après-ski resorts >

Best off-piste ski areas

Off-pisteThere’s just nothing like the exhilarating feeling of carving out fresh tracks on virgin powder in the backcountry. Diehard adventurers who are properly equipped and trained in avalanche safety will find their paradise in this snowy wilderness. Shredding gnarly routes through the amazing diversity of terrain that Mother Nature throws at you is pretty incomparable and not an experience you’ll soon forget. From deep powder to sick cornices and steep ridges, find your nirvana in one of these top ten off-piste skiing destinations in the Alps. Explore the best off-piste ski areas >

Budget-friendly ski resorts

Budget-friendlyIt is possible to go on ski holidays without scraping the bottom of your piggy bank! A few days on the slopes with family or friends shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. And while the term “budget ski holidays” usually conjures up images of substandard facilities and boring nursery slopes, some pocket-friendly ski resorts have terrain to rival the biggest names in the Alps, made all the more appealing because these small resorts usually lie off the beaten path and have next to no crowds. Next time you go skiing, think outside the box and check out some of these alternatives! Explore budget-friendly ski resorts >

Best ski resorts for intermediate skiers

Intermediate skiersOnce you’ve mastered your parallel turns, it’s time to move onto some harder pistes. Intermediate skiers benefit from mountains that have a wide selection of trickier blue and red runs. Over a week of skiing you can make leaps and bounds in progress, and it’s exciting to think that at the end of the holiday, you might even be able to move onto some easy black runs! Whether you’ve only just graduated from the nursery slopes or you’re a confident skier just looking to practise what you’ve learned, here are ten ski resorts with a wealth of intermediate terrain. Explore ski resorts for intermediate skiers >

Best cross-country ski resorts

Cross-country skiingNothing matches the tranquil serenity of a cross-country skiing or hiking trip through the forest and across a frozen lake. Exploring the mountain scenery on your own terms can make a welcome break from the crowded slopes of the popular ski resorts. A form of exercise in its own right, cross-country skiing nevertheless lets you slow down, relax and appreciate the intricate beauty of the winter wonderland around you. Get back to nature with these ski areas, all of which offer spectacular scenery, well-groomed trails and cosy village life. Explore the best cross-country ski resorts >

Best snow-sure ski resorts

Snow-sureThere’s nothing more disappointing than arriving at your long-awaited ski holidays only to find green pastures and brown hills. That’s why it pays to do your research before booking your trip! Sure, you can always rely on the snow reports, but let’s face it, sometimes things get wacky. On the other hand, thanks to high altitude, lucky geography and sometimes a glacier or two, some ski resorts are pretty much a sure bet when it comes to guaranteeing a heavy snowfall. Give this page a quick read before you book and give yourself a shot at finding the deepest powder! Explore the best snow-sure ski resorts >

Best ski resorts for snowboarding

SnowboardingThe days when snowboarders were banned from ski areas are virtually over, but that doesn’t mean that all ski areas were created equal when it comes to being snowboard-friendly. Any snowboarder will know the frustration of being mired on a totally flat road for what seems like kilometre after kilometre, or the indignant feeling of being blamed for “going too fast” or “messing up the slopes.” For snowboarders who just want to have some fun on the slopes with both feet strapped to one board, here are ten ski areas that won’t judge you for it! Explore the best ski resorts for snowboarding >

Best glacier ski resorts

Glacier skiingSummer skiing on a majestic glacier with sunny, uncrowded slopes and fantastic views is hard to beat. A great alternative to a beach holiday, glacier skiing in the summer means early bird mornings before the snow starts to melt. Mid-morning usually has the best skiing, when the snow is at a happy medium between icy and soft. Finish the day with a relaxing après-ski sesh at a mountaintop terrace with your favourite summertime drink. Sound like something you’d enjoy? Check out ten glaciers in the Alps that offer long ski seasons with guaranteed snow! Explore the best glacier ski resorts >

Best luxury ski resorts

Sometimes it’s nice to splash out and treat yourself, and what better place to do it than at a luxury ski resort? If money is not a concern, then you’re spoiled for choice on your next ski holidays. These resorts offer the best of the very best, from caviar to spa treatments and brand-name shopping. You’ll rub shoulders with the stars and other jetsetters and be pampered with every luxury imaginable. After all that, the skiing is just an afterthought - or is it? Many of these resorts offer world-class pistes as well! Dare to discover your new nirvana... Explore the best luxury ski resorts >

Best ski resorts for expert skiers

No nursery slopes here, folks! If you’re an expert skier, you’ll be looking for deep powder, waist-high moguls and spine-tingling dropoffs. High-altitude ski areas with lots of choice of steep and bumpy terrain are the only way to satisfy the advanced skier’s insatiable thirst for adventure. At the end of the day, a well-earned pint at a bustling après-ski joint can be the cherry on top of the perfect cake. These ten ski resorts have a wide selection of challenging pistes that will keep you coming back for more - if you survive the first time around! Explore ski resorts for expert skiers >

Best beginner ski resorts

It’s exciting to try skiing or snowboarding for the first time, but it can also be intimidating. In order to have the best experience possible, it’s important to choose a ski resort that is well-adapted to beginners. It’s essential for the ski area to have lots of easy blue slopes and good lifts, and you should probably try to find a ski school with English-speaking instructors. And at the end of the day, you can be sure your legs will thank you for choosing ski-in, ski-out accommodation. In the evening, relax at the spa or in a cosy après-ski bar! Explore the best ski resorts for beginners >