5 April 2020 from Danielle in General

The coronavirus put a sudden end to ski season, leaving many of us pining after the ski hills instead of going on our scheduled ski holidays. If you were lucky enough to hit the slopes this winter, we're happy for you! If you weren't, there's always next year. But if you can't wait that long, here are some pictures of the 2019/20 ski season in the Alps to tide you over!

#1. Crazy November snowfalls

Snowed-in Gurgl
Our Snowplaza reporters were SNOWED IN at Gurgl this November!

#2. Snowplaza Ski Opening Gurgl

Ski Opening Gurgl Snowplaza
Snowplaza kicked off the ski season with the Ski Opening in Gurgl!

#3. Eiger. Mönch. Jungfrau

Jungfrau Region landscape
Eiger. Mönch. Jungfrau. Need we say more? 

#4. Kaiserschmarrn!

Kaiserschmarrn ski holiday
Kaiserschmarrn always makes us happy!

#5. Watching the sun go down

Sunset Entlebuch Swiss Alps
Watching the sunset in Entlebuch, Switzerland

#6. Kirchberg

Dutchweek Kirchberg
Having fun on the slopes in Kirchberg!

#7. Zillertal Arena

Skiing Zillertal Arena
An AWESOME day at the Zillertal Arena this December

#8. Looking forward to ski season 2020/2021

Team Spalder Media Group
Happy summer from all of us here at Snowplaza!

Born and raised in the ski paradise of Vancouver, Canada, I learned to ski before I can remember, balancing precariously on my parents’ skis as they sailed down the hill. I started snowboarding in my teens and am now delighted to be exploring everything Europe’s ski scene has to offer!