27 July 2020 from Danielle in General

Having your own skis or snowboard is a blessing if you spend a lot of time in the mountains. Renting is fine but there's nothing like being able to glide onto the slopes without queuing at the rental shop, and skipping the boot fitting, and not having to worry about getting the proper-sized skis or the right style! The problem is, your own gear won't last forever, and it seems a shame to throw it away when it's no longer in condition for using on the slopes. With a little imagination and a tiny bit of skill, there is a range of useful objects you can make out of your old skis or snowboard. Here are 8 DIY ideas.

1. Build a bench from your old skis

You'll need more than one pair of skis for this, so a good time to take on this project might be after you've equipped the whole family with new skis - or ask around and maybe your friends can chuck you an old pair they don't want anymore. How cool is it to build a bench out of your own skis and hold onto the memories of all those great skiing memories every time you sit down?

2. Hang your skis or snowboard on the wall

\As exciting as it is to buy a new pair of skis, it can be hard to let go of the old ones. You had many wonderful days of skiing together! If you want to commemorate the adventures you shared, why not hang the skis or board up on the wall? It will add a splash of colour to any room and make any skier or snowboarder instantly feel at home!

3. Build a "ski picket fence"

To show off your love of skiing to all your neighbours and every passerby, build a fence out of skis instead of regular old wood! Don't be offended if you get some odd glances - they're just jealous!

4. Turn your old skis into a wine rack

You'll need to be a little handy to pull this one off, but with the necessary tools and expertise, you can turn your old skis into a practical and highly attractive wine rack. Definitely an eye-catcher for the kitchen or living room, and who doesn't like to end a day of skiing with a nice glass of wine?

5. Make a lamp fixture with your snowboard

A snowboard is wide enough and long enough to fit a common LED light from the hardware store. Simply drill three holes for the lights, frame and glue them, add wires and voilà! Your snowboard ceiling lamp is ready. Work with skateboards too!

6. Use your ski poles as a windchime

Chances are you've gotten new ski poles too and are wondering what to do with the old ones. Are you a fan of windchimes? You can easily turn your ski poles into one of these popular garden fixtures by cutting them into different-sized pieces and perhaps joining them with part of your old ski.

7. Use old skis as a bottle-opener and beer bottle wall mount

Old skis can easily be converted into bottle openers and/or bottle holders for your home. You will need to cheat a bit and order wall bottle openers and bottle holders (you can get these online). Then mount them together on the wall and let the après-ski commence!

8. Make a pot for plants, rubbish or umbrellas

To pull this one off you'll need two or three metal rings (steel is best) with the same diameter. You might need to get them made by a blacksmith - or if you're lucky, you might find them on an old barrel. Use steel screws to attach the skis and you have yourself a great rubbish bin or pot for your plants!

Born and raised in the ski paradise of Vancouver, Canada, I learned to ski before I can remember, balancing precariously on my parents’ skis as they sailed down the hill. I started snowboarding in my teens and am now delighted to be exploring everything Europe’s ski scene has to offer!