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We all love a ski holiday, with its attendant adrenaline rushes, mountain views and fun in the snow. But there are certain problems that loom over every ski holiday, such as sore muscles and cold fingers. Follow these tips against common skier and snowboarder problems, and you're good to enjoy your ski holiday with no stress!

#1. Cramps and sore muscles

The first rule of thumb if you want to avoid cramps and sore muscles is to drink lots of water. This is doubly important when skiing, because of the altitude. Try to aim for about a pint of water by lunchtime. Another thing that helps prevent sore muscles is to get in shape before your ski holiday. You can follow our advice on getting in shape for ski season, or ski at an indoor slope in the UK to whip those ski-related muscles into shape.

#2. Pinched toes

Why are sore toes such a common complaint among skiers? It might be because we tend to buckle them too tight right off the bat - it's ok to start out a little looser and then tighten them as the day goes on. Or it might be because you're backseating, putting pressure on your toes and sacrificing control over your skis. Here are some tips to help prevent backseating >

#3. Cold fingers

Do you get cold fingers while skiing? Believe it or not, this might be because you haven't protected your core well enough. When your body senses that your core is getting too cold, the first parts to receive limited circulation are the extremities. So, in addition to procuring warm, waterproof gloves or mittens, don't forget to take another look at how you've dressed your body.

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#4. Cold eyes and foggy lenses

Cheap goggles won't protect your eyes as well, meaning they'll allow harmful UV rays in and might even fog up more than more expensive goggles. We're not saying you have to go out and spend a month's salary on your goggles, but you should look for goggles that offer 100% UV protection and anti-fog features, such as vents or double lenses. Here are some more tips for choosing ski goggles >

#5. Damp clothing

It may seem inevitable to sweat through your layers while skiing, but there is a solution: thermals. By avoiding cotton and choosing a moisture-wicking material like merino wool, you can keep your body dry and warm.

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Born and raised in the ski paradise of Vancouver, Canada, I learned to ski before I can remember, balancing precariously on my parents’ skis as they sailed down the hill. I started snowboarding in my teens and am now delighted to be exploring everything Europe’s ski scene has to offer!