17 December 2019 from Danielle in Ski areas

The planning is still in the early stages and nothing is certain yet, but there have been whispers of a tentative link between Mayrhofen and Hochzillertal. Keep reading to find out everything we know so far.

Joining Mayrhofen and Hochzillertal

There have been rumours about a connection between Mayrhofen and Hochzillertal-Hochfügen for some time, and recent rumours suggest that both ski areas have been strategic about building lifts in the last few years with a view to a possible link. According to TT.at, Josef Reiter, board of Mayrhofner Bergbahnen, has confirmed that there is indeed the intention to investigate the feasibility of the connection. This would join two of Austria's most popular ski areas, for a combined total of around 400km of slopes and glacier skiing with guaranteed snow.

Ski Zillertal 3000
The Ski Zillertal 3000

Pros and cons: Mayrhofen-Hochzillertal link

The proposed link has been met with mixed reactions, with some welcoming the chance to better monitor activity in the valley and others pointing out that a merger would mean the currently pristine ski touring terrain would be lost to the masses. Given concerns about the environment and other factors, ecological and economical advantages are currently being investigated before any definite decisions are taken.

Linking Hochzillertal and Spieljoch

People have been throwing around the idea of a link between Hochzillertal and the Spieljoch for years. The proposal was to connect the two ski resorts with a 3S gondola, but unfortunately this project is still pending approval. Yet Heinz Schultz, owner of Hochzillertal, is confident the connection will one day be established. This link would make it possible to ski from Fügen to Tux. The ski resorts plan to apply for a nature permit in the spring of 2020.

Still in the early stages

Josef Reiter, member of the Mayrhofen Bergbahnen board, has made it clear that any possible project is still well in the early stages and has yet to be approved or finalised. The plans are being laid and possibilities are currently being examined in conjunction with authorities and experts. Discussions have also been held with a number of landowners, but both parties are keeping mum about the concrete details.

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