9 September 2021 from Nikki in Recipes

Can't wait until your next ski holidays to tuck into a delicious Fondue Savoyarde? Well, here's the answer - make one at home! Even though you're going to eat 4 days’ worth of calories in one meal, and you won't be burning them all off skiing like a demon the following day, it's got to be worth it - no? Why not share this wonderfully convivial experience with the friends or family that you went skiing with... Below you’ll find a simple recipe for Fondue Savoyarde.

There are many websites that claim to be devoted to bringing rare and exquisite culinary products to your home – you can even buy ready-prepared fondue mixture on Ebay - quite frankly there’s nothing like the real thing! If you’re not a gourmet chef, then the idea of creating such a culinary delight might be like climbing the Mont Blanc – fear not! There is nothing complicated about making a Fondue Savoyarde – all you need is a good delicatessen who knows their French cheeses. If you don’t, then don’t lose faith, I have heard that in Normandy you can use camembert and calvados, and even in the UK, Lancashire, Cheshire and beer! There seem to be no limits when making Fondue - just maybe don't claim that it is Savoyarde!

The original Fondue recipe

250 g of Beaufort cheese
250 g of Comté cheese
250 g Emmental cheese
40 cl of dry white wine
1 tablespoon of kirsch
3 pinches of grated nutmeg
1 clove of garlic

The secrets of success

  • Rub the inside of the fondue pot with a large, peeled clove of garlic.
  • Grate all the cheeses (you’ll burn off at least 100 calories doing this!).
  • Put all the grated cheese in the fondue pot and add the white wine and grated nutmeg.
  • Heat the fondue pot over a low heat and mix the contents making a figure of 8 movement until the cheese is completely melted (do not let the mixture boil).
  • Pour in the kirsch and continue stirring.
  • If you like, you can add half a bunch of chopped chives at this stage (just to add a bit of greenery!)
  • Then cut the “stale” bread into small cubes (you can use bread with sesame, poppy seeds, nuts and grains if you feel the need to add a healthy touch).
swiss cheese fondue

Fondue is served!

Once you’ve announced that dinner is served, place a heat-resistant mat in the middle of your table (preferably decorated in mountain chalet style) and let the feast begin... However hungry you are, it is essential to be patient and pay attention when eating a Fondue Savoyarde! You must make sure that your piece of bread is securely fixed on your fondue fork and that you have noted the position of your fork! If not, you will end up fighting with your dinner guests or fishing for your soggy piece of bread in the bottom of the fondue pot!! It’s all a question of timing - you must be patient enough to let your piece of bread soak up the delicious cheesy mixture but you mustn’t get lost in the conversation and forget your small bite-size delight! By the end of the meal, you’ll have got the hang of it – next time you’ll be a pro!

Fondue is back in fashion!

Incredibly trendy back in the 70s, I am pretty certain that a fondue set is lurking at the back of a cupboard somewhere in your family’s house. Before going out to buy a modern fondue set check everywhere – you’re bound to find a rather cheesy looking fondue set (sorry I couldn’t resist the play on words) collecting dust somewhere! If not there are some wonderfully decorated ones available - you'll feel just like you're back in your favourite ski resort on your ski holidays again!

A little history behind Fondue

The origins of this delicious meal are in the region of Fribourg in Switzerland! Shepherds, who were obliged to spend long periods isolated in the mountain pastures, used leftover cheese and stale bread to form a nutritious and economical meal. They obviously slipped in a few drops of whatever alcohol they had to hand. Today, the recipe is prepared all over the world – even as far away as Mexico.

The Snowplaza team wishes you bon appetit!

Being lucky enough to have parents who were crazy about skiing, my love for the mountains started when I was 4 years old on our first family ski holiday to Austrian ski resort of Obergurl. One ski holiday a year was never enough and tears rolled down my face as I looked out the back window of the car on the drive down the valley on the way home!