22 February 2019 from Danielle in 'Skiing techniques''

Backseating is a common problem in many skiers. It refers to a stance where the skier is leaning back, putting too much weight towards the back of the ski. From this position, it’s much harder to control your skis, and it’s the reason a lot of people can’t nail down the perfect ski technique. To properly control your skis, you need to spread your weight over your entire boot by slightly bending your ankles, knees and hips. This will give you the control you need.

Tip #1: Bend your ankles

There are two common reasons for backseating while skiing. The first is that most people aren’t used to bending their ankles inside their ski boots. If you only bend your knees, you end up in a “sitting” position, inevitably leaning back. At home, put your ski boots on and check yourself out in the mirror. Can you get your knees above your toes? You’ll see this only works when you make the effort to bend your ankles inside your ski boots.

Backseating gives you less control over your skis

Backseating gives you less control over your skis

Tip #2: Own the mountain

The second most common reason for backseating is fear, plain and simple. It’s natural to be hesitant about plunging down a mountain, and we lean back as if that will help us go slower. Unfortunately, this doesn’t quite have the effect we’re looking for, and it just makes it harder to control our skis. If you think fear might be your problem, try sticking to easier slopes until you feel confident enough in your technique to tackle harder slopes with the proper stance. Even better, book a day of private lessons and get the instructor to analyse your technique. Once you fix your technique, there’s a good chance those steep slopes will no longer seem so intimidating.

Skier with proper stance

By distributing your weight properly, you'll have more control over your skis

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