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The Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn boasts around 270km of pistes, making it one of the largest ski areas in Austria. The villages offer easy access to the slopes and from there, you have loads of possibilities! Since the majority of the slopes are blue and red, less experienced skiers will have no trouble getting out and exploring the ski area. We could make endless recommendations about which pistes to check out at the Skicircus, but here are the top 8.

1. Jausernabfahrt: pistes 2 and 2a

One of our favourite slopes at the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn is the Jausernabfahrt. The piste starts at the top of the Schattberg, at an altitude of 2020m above sea level, and takes you all the way down to Vorderglemm. The Jausernabfahrt is a staggering 7km long, but it’s a blue piste and therefore well within the range of confident intermediate skiers. You’ll have earned your drink by the end of this one!

Skiers in the Skicircus
(Photo: © saalbach.com, Mirja Geh)

2. Nordabfahrt: pistes 1 and 1a

On the Schattberg Ost you’ll find a wonderful valley run which goes towards Saalbach. Partly red and partly black, this is a better choice for more experienced skiers who won’t mind tackling the steeper sections. At the end of the valley run, you can cross a bridge over the road towards the bottom station of the Schattberg X-press.

3. Schattberg West: pistes 8 and 8a

From the top of the Schattberg West at 2096m there’s a lovely red slope that leads to Hinterglemm. Before starting this one, take a minute to pause and appreciate the stunning view of the surrounding mountain peaks. This is a challenging piste and not suitable for beginners. Because the run lies in the shade most of the day, the snow doesn’t get as soft but this can also make the piste even more challenging at times. About halfway down you’ll run across the Bergstadl, where we strongly recommend you stop for a glass of Skiwasser!

4. Lärchfilzkogel: pistes 110, 108, 104, 102

Take the gondola to the Lärchfilzkogel (1645m) and ski down to Fieberbrunn. This slope has a red bit at the beginning, but it’s an easier one as red pistes go. Once you pass the Wildalpgatterl mountain hut you’ll find a nice wide blue piste. Make sure you take the right fork at the middle station of the Streuböden gondola, otherwise you’ll have to take a long drag lift all the way back to the Wildalpgatterl.

Views at the Skicircus
(Photo: © saalbach.com, Daniel Roos)

5. Asitz Mittelstation: piste 206

Ask the locals what they think of the Asitz Mittelstation run and many of them will tell you it’s so wide and gentle, it reminds them of the Autobahn. This is a great piste for practising your skiing technique or leisurely carving out beautiful big turns. The piste gradually morphs into the blue piste 205 or red piste 201, both of which will take you back to Leogang.

6. Doischberg: piste 105

One of our personal favourites is the Doischberg slope in Fieberbrunn. It’s a red piste but don’t let that scare you off, most of it is not too challenging. The Doischberg doesn’t tend to get crowded, so there’s nothing stopping you from doing two or three in a row.

Snowboarding in the Skicircus
(Photo: © saalbach.com, Mirja Geh)

7. Steinbergbahn: blue piste 212

At the top of the Steinbergbahn, you'll find the blue piste 212, which eventually turns into the blue piste 211 and takes you down to Leogang. This is another wonderful blue cruiser, perfect for practising your turns.

8. Kohlmais: piste 152

Get yourself to the top of the Kohlmaiskopf (1794m), which is worth it if only for the breathtaking views! From here, ski part of the way along red piste 153 towards blue piste 152, a nice, wide piste that will bring you back to Saalbach. You’ll get to enjoy views of the Saalbach valley pretty much all the way down – lovely!

Skier at the Skicircus
(Photo: © saalbach.com, Mirja Geh)

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