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Human snowboard

Human snowboard

Investing in a new snowboard is expensive, and you might be unwilling to dish out a wad of cash if you’re still deciding whether the sport is right for you. So when this lad’s friend offered to be a human snowboard, he jumped on the opportunity (pardon the pun)! No need for fancy snowboard boots or bindings, this human snowboard is all you need to make your first few carves and decide if you’re willing to go the whole way towards being a pro snowboarder. And as for the human snowboard himself as he slides squashily down the snow... ouch. Do you have any friends who would be willing to do this for you?

Man becomes a human snowboard

It's all about the balance, baby. The “snowboarder” stretches briefly and then steps gingerly onto his friend’s back, picking up momentum as the crazy pair starts sliding down the slope. It all looks easy enough in slow motion, but shortly after the snowboarder releases his hold on his friend’s hood, he loses control and bails, leaving his human snowboard to slide a dozen metres more by himself.

#EverydayOlympics Human snowboarding

Find you a friend who would let you use them as a snowboard. #EverydayOlympics (🎥 stalesandbech/IG) http://bit.ly/2H6jY6V

Posted by WFLA News Channel 8 on Thursday, February 22, 2018

Learning to snowboard: This is how it's really done!

You might be saving money on equipment, but is it worth it, given the toll on your nerves (and your buddy’s health bill)? With a real board under your feet, snowboarding is actually comparatively easy to learn. For beginners, one way to start is on a flat surface, with only the front foot in the binding. Like a skateboarder, push yourself along with your other foot, to get a feel for the board. If you manage this all right, start practising braking, facing downwards on a gentle nursery slope. The secret to snowboarding is in the knees, and you’ll see that when you bend them and lean your butt into the hill a bit, the back edge of the board will dig into the snow and you’ll automatically brake. It's never too late to learn!


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