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Valentine's Day on the slopes

It's every couple’s favourite day of the year: Valentine’s Day! And just in case you thought you could wriggle out of doing anything special this year just because you’re on a ski holiday, you can think again. It’s Valentine’s Day wherever you happen to be in the world, and that includes the Alps. Worried your loved one will find you heartless and uncaring? Don’t worry. Truth be told, thanks to the beautiful scenery and invigorating mountain air, you’re already halfway on your way to making their day. Just carry out these easy steps and watch your loved one glow with happiness! Happy Valentine’s Day!

1. Breakfast in bed

Start off this special day by treating your loved one to breakfast in bed. If you’re renting an apartment, wake up early and hit up the nearest supermarket for some tasty breakfast items. If you’re in a hotel, save your darling the trouble of getting out of bed by raiding the breakfast room and bringing back orange juice, coffee and treats. The ideal way to start the day together!

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

2. A ski- or snowboard-related gift

Forget the expensive jewellery and silly perfumes, what your loved one really wants is something they can take on the hill! Consider a nice hat, a pair of ski mittens or a toasty ski jumper. It’s not all about the gifts, but you can be sure you’ll bring a smile to their face with this thoughtful present. If you forgot to buy them a gift, there should be plenty of places in the ski resort to pick up something thoughtful.

3. Couples who ski together stay together

This is the day when you finally pull off a synchronised-skiing performance with your loved one! Impress the other skiers on the slopes and show what a strong couple you are by weaving together down the slope, perhaps leaving a heart in your wake in the fluffy powder snow.

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4. Shout your love from the hilltops!

Ed Sheeran shows us how it’s done in his Perfect music video, filmed at the Hintertux Glacier. The breathtaking mountain views do wonders for the romantic atmosphere! Valentine’s Day on the mountain should have plenty of cuddling and cute selfies to show your friends on Facebook and Instagram how adorable you are.

5. Classy lunch date

Nothing says “I love you” like an outrageously expensive Valentine’s day meal. Although it might break the bank a little, this one is totally worth it. The way to a man’s- or a woman’s- heart is through their stomach! If you're unwilling or unable to splash out on a four-course culinary experience, a nice sunny mountain hut terrace should do the trick.


Valentine's lunch date

6. Bedtime foot massage

For many people today is not only Valentine’s Day, but also the second or third day in a row of wearing those awful, tight ski boots. While normal couples all around the world indulge in relaxing massages, do it the skier’s way by giving your loved one a foot massage!

Feeling armed and ready for the big day? Don’t forget, what your sweetie really wants is to spend some quality time with you. If you give them all your attention and care, nothing can go wrong. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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