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Candide Thovex skis on water in Audi advert

Candide Thovex skis on water in Audi advert

35-year-old Candide Thovex is a legend in the freeriding world, coolly pulling off stunts that ordinary skiers and snowboarders can only dream of. In this sequel to a previous Audi Quattro advert, Thovex ups the stakes, travelling to the far reaches of Europe, Asia and America in search of new and challenging terrain. He floats along water, skis down the Great Wall of China and whizzes through the jungle – is there anything this French skier can’t do? This SkiTheWorld clip is promoting the Audi Q7 with the slogan #AllConditionsArePerfectConditions, and you have to admit: if there was ever an inspiring advert, this is it!

Thovex and crew battled extreme conditions to film Audi advert

During the shooting, Thovex and the rest of the team had to contend with bad weather in northern Europe, damaged equipment from sand dunes, blazing hot temperatures and tricky visibility in the jungle and obstacles from the rocks on a still-active volcano. But Candide Thovex makes it all look easy, leaving us all to wonder how we could ever complain about poor snow conditions!

Candide Thovex is legendary for his freeriding prowess

Candide Thovex started skiing at the age of 2 in the French Alps. By age 14, he had already won the mogul division of the French National Junior Championships. Fast-forward a few decades and he is respected as one of the top skiers in the world, having moved on from freestyling to freeriding. His many films are an inspiration to viewers across the globe and in 2012 the pioneering skier and filmmaker released his autobiography, titled Few Words.


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