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Snowy buildings in Tignes

Snowy buildings in Tignes

After a brief reprieve in the wake of Storm Eleanor last weekend, the Southern Alps across France, Switzerland and Italy received another bout of heavy snowfall overnight. Faced with the task of clearing and grooming copious amounts of snow, ski resorts are hoping the avalanche risk will subside in time to resume normal operations today. After heavy snowfall of their own last week, Germany and Austria are now settling in for a warm spell, with temperatures pushing the double digits and a snow line higher than 2000m. Temperatures are expected to remain warm for the foreseeable future in these northern countries.

Heavy precipitation south of the main Alpine ridge

The French, Swiss and Italian Alps are seeing impressive amounts of precipitation brought by warm, damp winds from the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay. When these winds hit the Alpine ridge, they cause copious precipitation in the form of fresh snow at the higher altitudes. Between Sunday and Tuesday places like the Aosta Valley were expecting up to a couple metres of fresh snow.

Mild temperatures north of the main Alpine ridge

While massive rainfall and snowfall is barraging the Southern Alps, the German and Austrian Alps will remain mild for now. The same weather system responsible for the precipitation south of the alpine ridge brings warmer temperatures and high mists to these northern parts. For the most part, the Alps in Austria and Germany will remain dry, with only some slight precipitation.

Montgenèvre was expecting another 64cm overnight

⚠❄ POINT INFO - Montgenèvre - 18h00 ❄⚠ ⚫64 cm encore attendu dans la nuit ⚫ La circulation est delicate dans le col ...

Posted by Montgenèvre on Monday, 8 January 2018

Tignes received 80cm of fresh snow

Tignes 8th January 2018

[LIVE] ⚠️Update 5.20pm ⚠️ ❄️ Important snowfall at the moment ❄️ ➡️ Avalanche risk is still very high.s Le Lac and Tignes 1800 from tonight 9pm and tomorrow morning 7.30am.. ➡️ Avalanche risk is still very high ➡️ Tomorrow morning we’ll be securing the ski area, opening of the lifts will be delayed. Safety first. ➡️ Compulsory special snow equipment for cars. ➡️ Keep up with the updates via the app .

Posted by Tignes on Monday, 8 January 2018

Val d’Isère has finally received their snow allowance for the last three years!

� Hello, we inform you that your snowflakes order from the 2015, 2016 and 2017 hast just arrived! But, what is this return of the East phenomenon? � Read on below: http://bit.ly/2meGoKF

Posted by Val d'Isère on Monday, 8 January 2018

Weather calms down from Wednesday

On Wednesday, the heavy snowfall in the Southern Alps is expected to subside so skiers and snowboarders can take advantage of all that fresh snow! Forecasts are calling for sunny mountain weather, with some occasional rainfall and flurries in the Eastern Alps.


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