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Skiing has gotten a lot easier since the days when we had to wave our ski poles in the air to help our friends find us! In the last few years, Alpine ski resorts have gradually set up more and more wifi hotspots in their ski areas. Today, there are endless ways to make your life easier while skiing or snowboarding. From apps that let you track your performance, to apps that help you stay safe when exploring off-piste and even apps for specific ski resorts, it seems there’s an app for everything! Below you’ll find a list of the most useful apps to have with you during your winter holiday.

Ski Tracks & Ski Tracks Lite

Ever wondered exactly how fast you’re going when you race down the mountain? Now you can find out with the Ski Tracks app, which keeps track of your maximum speed, your distance, your elevation loss, the number of pistes you’ve done and how long you’ve been skiing for. The data is logged so you can go back and see your activity each day, as well as any photos you took. The app works with a GPS signal, so you don’t even need internet to use it. The Ski Tracks app costs $0.99 but there is a Lite version available for free. Ski Tracks is currently available for Android and iOS.

ski tracks


Finally, an app that keeps groups together on the ski hill! Snowciety allows you to track your friends throughout the day, making it easier to quickly meet up for a hot cocoa when you’re nearby before you disperse again. This app does require an internet connection, but if you should lose your signal for a while, the data will automatically sync when you’re back online. At the end of the day, you can share your results on Facebook or Twitter – like Ski Tracks, this app keep track of your activity. Snowciety is currently available for Android and iOS.


iSKI is a must-have for anybody who wants to keep up-to-date on their ski holiday. Available for various countries including France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, the app contains a tracking function as well as current information on weather, lift status, webcams, ski schools (with options for booking courses), snow depth and snow quality. iSKI also has a built-in “game” where you can collect trophies throughout the day and compete with other skiers. The app uses GPS so all you have to do is connect to your hotel wifi in the evening to load the rest of the information. iSKI Austria is currently available for Android and iOS.


In the past several years, over 240 ski resorts from around the world have joined forces with www.skiline.cc. Now the website also has its own app, Skiline, which syncs your account to your lift pass number once you’ve created your account. The app allows you to see which lifts you’ve visited and how many kilometres you’ve skied each day. You’ll also find your photos, speed check times, ski movies, etc. Skiline is currently available for Android and iOS.


Any skier knows that the weather is not to be trusted, and nothing is worse than getting caught unprepared on the slopes! That’s where the skiwetter.at app comes in. Specially designed for skiers and snowboarders, the app shows the 9-day weather forecast, along with more detailed hourly weather forecasts, weather maps, temperatures, snowfall and other useful information about a given ski resort. Skiwetter.at is currently available for Android and iOS (app is in German).



Some people are naturally zen when it comes to holiday planning. Sadly, we are not those people. For anyone like us who could use a little help with these things, there is the TripList app, which helps you organise your thoughts into a packing list and a to-do list. Once you’ve created the list, the app actually keeps track of how far along you are in your packing. And to make it even easier next time around, you can save the list and use the same one for your next ski holiday. The TripList app is currently only available for iOS.

Maps 3D

Maps 3D can be used year-round to track all your outdoor activity, whether skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking or running. Bring your ski holiday to life for your friends and family back home - the app shows you a 3D rendering of your route using an ingenious combination of data from NASA and OpenStreetMap. Maps 3D is currently available for Android and iOS.


The Snocru app is perfect for large groups of skiers or snowboarders. In addition to tracking your activity throughout the day, it has a competitive element that allows you to compare yourself against others and keep track of your group members. Solo skiers can also compete against strangers and post their achievements on social media. Snocru works via GPS and does not require an internet connection. The app is currently available for Android and iOS.

snocru ski app


Are you addicted to the thrill of skiing off-piste? Love the adrenaline of being the first to carve a line in virgin snow? Don’t head into the backcountry without the SnowSafe app, which helps you assess the avalanche risk level by keeping you up-to-date on the weather forecast as well as delivering avalanche reports and warnings. The app does not require a strong internet connection. Do bear in mind that keeping apps open on your mobile while skiing will drain your battery faster. Any information contained in the app is used at your own risk. SnowSafe is currently available for Android and iOS.

Ortovox Alpine Touring App

For anyone thinking about venturing off-piste, this app is made for you. Designed to be used in the German, Austrian and South Tyrolean Alps, the Ortovox Alpine Touring App provides a topographical map of the mountains with marked freeride routes, biking routes, via ferratas, etc., allowing you to track your routes and access safety recommendations. There is also an emergency alarm that can connect you to a rescue centre and inform them of your location. Once again, an app should never replace proper avalanche preparation. This app is currently only available on iOS.


Won’t settle for a Prince Charming who doesn’t ski or snowboard? Check out LuvByrd, the quintessential dating app for winter sport enthusiasts! Currently available for download on Android and iOS systems.

luvbyrd app

Ready for ski season with your smartphone

Smartphone technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Which skiing app can't you live without?


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