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Washing ski gear: tips, products & advice

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After winter sports, it is time to wash your ski gear. Before returning everything to the closet, remove all stains and unpleasant odours. Never wash your skiwear without first reading the instructions and choosing a special detergent. An ordinary detergent can clog the water-repellent membrane of your clothes. If you keep a few simple things in mind, your winter sports clothes will stay nice and technically sound much longer. So here are some tips for washing your skiwear!

Washing skiwear

Too bad - the ski holiday is over! It's time for the least fun part of the trip: washing your skiwear. After a few intense days on the slopes, it's time to remove sweat, food, dirt and après-ski odours. As with skis and snowboards, skiwear also lasts longer if you maintain it properly. If you want your gear to keep its properties, you shouldn't wash it with the rest of the laundry. What should you pay attention to? Here are 10 tips for washing skiwear.

1. Use special detergent

When washing skiwear, it is wise to use a different detergent than you use for your everyday clothes. Regular detergent can affect the breathability and water-repellency of the clothing. A special detergent will remove stains and preserve the technical qualities of the ski jacket and ski trousers.

2. Make sure the washing machine is empty

Before washing your skiwear, check that the washing machine is empty. Remove any dirt and leftover detergent to avoid mixing.

3. Check and close pockets

Before putting your ski gear in the washing machine, check that nothing has been left in your pockets. Ski passes, chewing gums, candy, paper handkerchiefs - you don't want to wash those too! Are the pockets empty? Zip them up and then put everything in the washing machine.

4. Read the washing instructions

Every type of clothing is different and requires a different washing method. Follow the manufacturer's washing instructions and choose the specified temperature and spin speed. The amount of detergent you should use is stated on the bottle and differs for every brand. Moreover, stick to the indicated washing temperature! Most skiwear should be washed at low temperatures.

Set the washing machine to the right temperature and spin speed
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Always check the washing instructions and adjust the washing programme accordingly!

5. Stubborn stains

If some stains need more attention, rub them with detergent using a sponge. Let the detergent soak in for a while, and then put the garment in the washing machine.

6. Small quantities

For the detergent to work best, it's recommended not to wash too many garments simultaneously. One pair of ski trousers and one jacket per wash is more than enough. You can also hand wash your skiwear if you don't trust washing your skiwear in the machine.

7. Dry carefully

Dry your clothes carefully, preferably not in the sun. Do not put your freshly washed skiwear directly on the heating either. Some ski gear can be dried in the dryer - but always check the washing instructions beforehand.

Detergent will work better if the washing machine is not too full
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Wash small quantities!

8. Impregnate

The last step is to re-impregnate your skiwear. This ensures that your skiwear keeps its breathability and water-repellency. There are special products on the market for this as well.

9. Be careful with down jackets

Every type of jacket requires its own washing treatment, but be careful with down jackets. Don't spin dry, or you'll end up with a flattened jacket. Wash down jackets at a low temperature, use a detergent specifically for down-filled clothes and fill the machine with a few tennis balls that will loosen the down filling. Down jackets can often go in the dryer (with tennis balls), although it might take several hours before the jacket gets its shape back.

10. Washing gloves

Your gloves also need washing after your skiing holiday. It is important not to wash them inside out and to let them dry slowly. Do you have leather gloves? Avoid putting them in the washing machine, even if they are only partially made of leather. Washing them will damage the leather. Do your leather gloves have an inner glove? Take it out and wash it separately. You can treat the leather with a special leather wax or cream.

How often should you wash skiwear?

It is wise to wash your skiwear after every winter holiday. Even if you bring several jackets and trousers and only ski for a few days. While skiing or snowboarding, you move and sweat a lot. Washing keeps skiwear breathable and prolongs the lifespan of your garments.

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