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One of the best parts about a ski holiday is undoubtedly the mouthwatering food. I’ll admit that on some of the more wintery days, going skiing all morning is just an excuse to earn my cheese fondue in the afternoon! The French in Savoie have developed more than one rich and hearty mountain dish, designed to warm the belly after a long, cold day in the mountains. Most of these dishes are simple dishes that are easy to make at home, provided you can find the ingredients – try your local Sainsbury’s or Waitrose, or improvise with cheddar! Cheese lovers, this article is for you!


Take a mix of potatoes, bacon, onions and cheese, stick it in the oven and you have tartiflette, the most authentic Savoyard dish you can get. Absolutely a must if you’re on a ski holiday in the region, but also a good dish to make on rainy days at home. The Reblochon cheese that is typically used in this dish ties it together and gives it a rich flavour and consistency that will warm you up in the cold weather.

Gratin de Crozets

Crozets are a kind of square pasta made from buckwheat flour. A popular dish in Tarentaise is gratin de Crozets, a gratin made from combining Crozets and melted cheese. If you visit Tarentaise you’ll notice this dish varies from valley to valley, with each village having invented their own version.


Originally a Swiss dish, raclette consists of boiled potatoes slathered in melted raclette cheese. “Racler” in French means to scrape, and this cheese is designed specially to be able to scrape off the melted bits. In restaurants, the round of cheese is cut in half and presented half-melted, so the melted part can be scraped onto the potatoes. When families gather to eat raclette, they use a raclette dish divided into portions so each person can melt their own cheese. Raclette is usually served with gherkins and charcuterie.

Savoyarde Fondue

Everybody loves fondue, the best reward after a day on the slopes. The traditional Savoyarde version uses several kinds of cheese including Beaufort, Gruyere, Reblochon or Comté to make a gooey and delicious concoction. Spear a piece of bread and dip in – just don’t drop it or the next round of drinks is on you!

Savoyard Gratin

Savoyard gratin is made from potatoes and onions with a crust of melted Comté, Emmental or Gruyère cheese. Served with a soup or salad, it’s the perfect dish for a family meal.

What's your favourite Alpine dish? Have you ever made any of these recipes at home? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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