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17 December 2021 from Nikki in 'Recipes''

Just to really get you in the mood for this year’s ski holiday, I thought I’d tempt you into making your own mulled wine (or “vin chaud” if you’re off to the French Alps this winter). Although you can buy some very good mulled wine sachets in M&S or Holland & Barrett, there’s nothing better than the real thing, lovingly prepared, using freshly ground spices. Mulled wine was first concocted and enjoyed back in Roman times and the basic recipe has stayed pretty much the same since then. Wi... Read more ›

9 September 2021 from Nikki in 'Recipes''

Can't wait until your next ski holidays to tuck into a delicious Fondue Savoyarde? Well, here's the answer - make one at home! Even though you're going to eat 4 days’ worth of calories in one meal, and you won't be burning them all off skiing like a demon the following day, it's got to be worth it - no? Why not share this wonderfully convivial experience with the friends or family that you went skiing with... Below you’ll find a simple recipe for Fondue Savoyarde.... Read more ›

1 August 2020 from Danielle in 'Recipes''

Ski holidays in Italy are really just an excuse to pig out. The Italians are masters at creating dishes that explode with taste using just a handful of simple ingredients. From pasta to pizza, risotto to salads and antipasti, they know how to exploit the flavour of each ingredient to the fullest. As always, we recommend skipping the buffet during your ski holiday in Italy and heading to a smaller, more authentic restaurant for the best meals.... Read more ›

20 May 2020 from Danielle in 'Recipes''

Kaiserschmarrn is one of the most beloved Austrian dishes for a ski holiday. This shredded pancake dish was invented in the 14th century and is now ubiquitous in the mountain restaurants of the Austrian Alps. Topped off with caramelised sugar, a dusting of icing sugar and a side of apple sauce, it's the perfect thing to warm you up during your mid-morning break! It's also very easy to make at home. Here's our simple Kaiserschmarrn recipe!... Read more ›

16 May 2020 from Danielle in 'Recipes''

A fantastic day on the slopes is not complete with a delicious meal on a sunny terrace or cosy mountain hut. And if there’s a perfect après-ski dish, wiener schnitzel has got to be it! Digging into an enormous, mouthwatering slab of crunchy golden meat, accompanied by a generous portion of chips and maybe a side of Preiselbeere cranberry compote... it’s the perfect reward. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for your ski holidays before you can enjoy a scrumptious wiener schnitzel. Now, you can prep... Read more ›

23 April 2020 from Danielle in 'Recipes''

You’ll usually find the calorie-laden Käsespätzle served with a side of salad, so you can happily kid yourself that it’s a healthy choice. Cheesy goodness served in a hot pan all mixed up with fried onions and spices... YUM! Not only is this the perfect mountain restaurant dish to keep you going for an afternoon on the slopes, but it also makes perfect soakage for après-ski. What more could you ask for? If you miss this perfect dish when you get home after your ski holidays, here’s a recipe so y... Read more ›

30 March 2020 from Danielle in 'Recipes''

A ski holiday is not just an opportunity to enjoy the mountains and the fresh air, but also an excuse to indulge in our favourite traditional mountain food. After all, we spend all day burning calories, so we have to make them up somewhere! From apple strudel to tiramisu, the Alps are home to a plethora of delicious dishes that you must try on your next ski holiday. Here are some of our favourites!... Read more ›

20 December 2019 from Danielle in 'Recipes''

This delicious dessert is a classic après-ski favourite. The word “strudel” means “whirlpool” in German, an apt name for the tasty explosion of buttery layers of dough mixed with the sweet tang of fresh apples. Originally from the 1600’s, it’s no wonder this dish has stood the test of time. After a morning on the slopes, it’s hard to resist partaking in a warm slice of homemade apple strudel topped off with a dollop of ice cream. Learn how to make your own and bring this traditional Austrian des... Read more ›

10 July 2019 from Danielle in 'Recipes''

Can't wait another day to tuck into an extra-large Schnitzel on a mountaintop terrace, or devour a Käsespatzle as you warm yourself in front of a cosy log fire? Well, we've bad news for you: summer has just started and it's early days yet to be thinking about your winter ski holiday! Unless you have a getaway planned in one of the summer ski areas, you'll have to be patient before you can strap on your skis again. But luckily, this doesn't apply to your favourite winter sports dishes, because yo... Read more ›

18 November 2018 from Danielle in 'Recipes''

Tiroler Gröstl is classic après-ski food, the kind of dish skiers and snowboarders crave after we come off the slopes and shelter from the blizzard inside a cosy mountain restaurant. This traditional Austrian delicacy is actually fairly easy to make, giving you the option of whipping up a batch in the warmth and comfort of your hotel room instead of braving the elements to go to a restaurant and pay through the nose for your plate. Without further ado, here’s our recipe for Tiroler Gröstl.... Read more ›

2 October 2017 from Danielle in 'Recipes''


One of the best parts about a ski holiday is undoubtedly the mouthwatering food. I’ll admit that on some of the more wintery days, going skiing all morning is just an excuse to earn my cheese fondue in the afternoon! The French in Savoie have developed more than one rich and hearty mountain dish, designed to warm the belly after a long, cold day in the mountains. Most of these dishes are simple dishes that are easy to make at home, provided you can find the ingredients – try your local Sainsb... Read more ›

8 March 2013 from Nikki in 'Recipes''


After my recent article about Fondue Savoyarde, I felt guilty for not having dedicated an article to the more sophisticated Raclette! Both dishes are not-to-be-missed meals on any ski holiday.

The only 2 criteria are that you must love cheese and you mustn’t be on a diet! Just like most traditional mountain recipes, the main ingredients are not known for being low in calories – but hey, you earned the right – all those leg-burning black runs and carrying the kids skis back to the ... Read more ›


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