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27 July 2020 from Danielle in 'General''

Having your own skis or snowboard is a blessing if you spend a lot of time in the mountains. Renting is fine but there's nothing like being able to glide onto the slopes without queuing at the rental shop, and skipping the boot fitting, and not having to worry about getting the proper-sized skis or the right style! The problem is, your own gear won't last forever, and it seems a shame to throw it away when it's no longer in condition for using on the slopes. With a little imagination and a tiny ... Read more ›
(Photo: © Pixabay, JerzyGorecki)

26 July 2020 from Danielle in 'Ski circuits''

Want to explore an entire ski resort without having to repeat lifts? More and more ski resorts in the Alps are designing ski circuits that take you through all the highlights in one day. These ski circuits are clearly signposted so you can find your way without the help of a guide – it’s the perfect way to discover a new ski resort on your own terms! Be aware that due to their length and demanding nature, anyone attempting to complete a ski circuit should be a confident skier with an adequate le... Read more ›

13 July 2020 from Danielle in 'Destinations''

Åre, Sweden is the largest ski area in Scandinavia and belongs to the exclusive club of the world's best winter sports villages: Leading Mountain Resorts of the World. An attractive village with traditional wooden buildings and a long winter sports history, it's also the birthplace of several notable skiers and various outdoor brands such as Peak Performance, Spektrum, Elevenate and Eivy. A few years ago, we were lucky enough to spend a few days skiing here and exploring the area. It was an unfo... Read more ›

7 July 2020 from Danielle in 'Family/Children''

Nothing cuter than a little tot wobbling their way down their first nursery run! And not to mention the feeling of pride that you as a parent experience when you see your little darling out there on the slopes. But how young is too young for teaching your kids how to ski? We asked several experts for their opinions on the best age for teaching children how to ski and snowboard.... Read more ›

30 June 2020 from Danielle in 'Destinations''

Italy’s ski resorts boast sunny pistes, family-friendly facilities and world-famous Italian cuisine. That’s not to mention the breathtaking panoramic views from the ski slopes, a good number of which are located in the Dolomites. Whether you haven’t been to Italy yet or whether you’re dying to go back, it’s worth looking into which ski resorts will suit you best. Are you an après-ski fanatic or are you planning a family holiday? Whatever your fancy, discover our picks for the 15 best ski areas i... Read more ›

23 June 2020 from Danielle in 'General''

It releases a flow of endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. It eases tension and relaxes you, helping combat against stress, depression and anxiety. And when you sink like a stone into bed at the end of the day, you can be fairly sure you’re getting a nice, sound sleep which will fully recharge your batteries. What is this wonder pill? It’s skiing, of course! Our favourite sport is not only fun, it’s also a great way to stay healthy and happy. Of course, the fresh air and gorgeous sce... Read more ›

11 June 2020 from Danielle in 'Destinations''

This alpine skiing paradise has a disproportionate amount of Europe’s biggest glaciers and highest mountain peaks - one could almost call Switzerland the pinnacle of alpine skiing. Best-known for its jetsetters, who flock to the likes of St. Moritz and Zermatt to spend their millions, Switzerland also features its fair share of quaint villages and family-friendly ski resorts. The skiing is exceptional, with everything from wide cruising runs to fantastic off-piste terrain. Together with gourmet-... Read more ›

8 June 2020 from Danielle in 'General''

No!!! Here at Snowplaza we strongly believe that you are never too old for skiing or snowboarding, and we are already planning to ski through our last days! Will this be possible? There's one golden rule when it comes to deciding whether or not you should keep skiing or snowboarding: listen to your own body!... Read more ›

5 June 2020 from Danielle in 'Destinations''

Innsbruck is a true winter sport paradise. The picturesque Tyrolean capital is nestled right in the centre of dozens of ski areas and seems to be tailor-made for a winter holiday. With nonstop flights on EasyJet from London and Bristol and plenty of shuttle buses once you arrive in Innsbruck, it’s a perfectly doable option for a week of skiing or snowboarding. Once in Austria you can choose to stay in Innsbruck itself or exploring a bit further along the winding valleys. Whatever you choose, you... Read more ›
(Photo: © TVB Innsbruck)

2 June 2020 from Danielle in 'Destinations''

Authentic Austrian villages and traditional charm define skiing in Austria. But that doesn’t mean the Austrians don’t know how to party – in fact, après-ski was basically invented here! The ski areas in Austria offer a wide variety of terrain for every taste and budget, from the glitzy slopes of St. Anton to the family-friendly resort of Mayrhofen. We’ve narrowed down the top 15 ski resorts so you’re sure to find the perfect place for your next ski holiday, whether it’s a family bonding trip or ... Read more ›