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16 May 2020 from Danielle in 'Recipes''

A fantastic day on the slopes is not complete with a delicious meal on a sunny terrace or cosy mountain hut. And if there’s a perfect après-ski dish, wiener schnitzel has got to be it! Digging into an enormous, mouthwatering slab of crunchy golden meat, accompanied by a generous portion of chips and maybe a side of Preiselbeere cranberry compote... it’s the perfect reward. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for your ski holidays before you can enjoy a scrumptious wiener schnitzel. Now, you can prep... Read more ›

13 May 2020 from Danielle in 'General''

Most skiers and snowboarders start getting crazy excited around August in anticipation of ski season. You, on the other hand, prefer a more relaxed, realistic attitude, and only start getting fussed when the first snowflakes fall from the sky. Around January you begin looking at ski holiday packages for the end of the season – a long weekend should be more than enough, right? If you recognise yourself in these traits, you probably aren’t a hardcore skier. But hey, that’s ok! Take this quiz to fi... Read more ›

10 May 2020 from Danielle in 'General''

We spend a lot of time sorting through prices, package deals, types of terrain, beginner vs. expert-friendly, snow conditions and the like. But how much thought do you put into whether your ski resort of choice is environmentally friendly? With the looming threat of climate change causing brown hills in the near future, it’s more important than ever to make sure our choices reflect our passion for the snow. It would pretty ironic to think that we are contributing to poor snow conditions and shor... Read more ›
(Photo: ©, Daniel Roos)

6 May 2020 from Danielle in 'Tips''

We all love a ski holiday, with its attendant adrenaline rushes, mountain views and fun in the snow. But there are certain problems that loom over every ski holiday, such as sore muscles and cold fingers. Follow these tips against common skier and snowboarder problems, and you're good to enjoy your ski holiday with no stress!... Read more ›

4 May 2020 from Danielle in 'Announcements''

Voting is over and the results for the Snowplaza Awards 2020 are in!  From December 2019 through April 1, 2020, thousands of skiers and snowboarders from all over Europe and the UK voted for the best ski resort of 2020. This year we asked readers to vote not only for their favourite ski resort overall, but also their favourite ski resort in several categories including beginner, après-ski and advanced. As thanks for casting your vote, we also entered each participant into a draw to win a pa... Read more ›

3 May 2020 from Danielle in 'Destinations''

Whether it’s your first ski holidays or whether you’re an intermediate skier or snowboarder looking to improve your skills and build confidence, it’s nice to choose a ski area that’s not too intimidating. While ski schools are invaluable for helping teach you technique and get you on your feet, sometimes the best way to practise skiing and snowboarding is by exploring the mountain on your own. In the following list we’ve highlighted some of the ski areas that have the most blue slopes, so you ca... Read more ›

30 April 2020 from Danielle in 'Ski areas''

The Swiss Alps are the preferred ski holiday destination for many members of the royal family and the jet-set. And although prices can be steep, it's increasingly possible to find good deals even at the big-name resorts. Ski holidays in the Swiss Alps offer top-notch cuisine, impeccable service and high-altitude skiing with modern lifts. The following ski resorts are all within easy reach of Zurich Airport, one of the major hubs to the Swiss Alps.... Read more ›

26 April 2020 from Danielle in 'Destinations''

Are you looking for the perfect ski resort for ski holidays with a large group? Whether you’re with family or with the mates, there’s a good chance your group will have people with different ability levels. If you don’t feel like forcing your friend down a black piste during their first-ever ski holiday, and you’re equally unenthusiastic about accompanying your newbie mates down the nursery slopes all day long, then you should check out this list of ski resorts that are perfect for mixed-ability... Read more ›

23 April 2020 from Danielle in 'Recipes''

You’ll usually find the calorie-laden Käsespätzle served with a side of salad, so you can happily kid yourself that it’s a healthy choice. Cheesy goodness served in a hot pan all mixed up with fried onions and spices... YUM! Not only is this the perfect mountain restaurant dish to keep you going for an afternoon on the slopes, but it also makes perfect soakage for après-ski. What more could you ask for? If you miss this perfect dish when you get home after your ski holidays, here’s a recipe so y... Read more ›

19 April 2020 from Danielle in 'Destinations''

Going on your first-ever ski holidays this year? Or maybe you’re trying to convince your partner or children to ski, and you want to find the perfect ski resort? For first-time skiers, it’s important to find a ski area that has lots of easy, accessible pistes. It also doesn’t hurt to have a lively village scene and some nice on-piste restaurants, just in case the skiing starts to feel like an insurmountable challenge! Below we’ve picked out 15 great resorts for beginner skiers and snowboarders. ... Read more ›