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How much do you pay for a tasty snack up on the slopes on your ski holidays in Austria? The answer lies in the Snowplaza Germknödel index. Snowplaza launched this index last year to compare overall prices in ski areas in Austria in an amusing manner. The Germknödel is one of the most popular snacks in Austrian ski resorts and its price is a good way of judging prices in general in ski resorts. The prices of these delicious dumplings with custard were compared in the highest mountain restaurant in 20 of the most popular ski resorts in Austria. You’re already getting hungry? Read on to find out more.

What is the Germknödel index?

The Germknödel index shows, first of all, how much a yeast dumpling with custard costs in the highest mountain restaurant in the 20 most popular ski resorts in Austria. In general, the cost of food is always a good indicator of overall additional costs in a ski resort. But why the Germknödel – why not a plate of chips? This sweet, calorie-packed dish is one of the most popular desserts and snacks on skiings holiday in Austria. It is quick to prepare, the ingredients and the size do not vary much and so this makes it easy to compare different Germknödels in different resorts. To provide the most objective comparison possible, we have once again used the Germknödel price in the highest mountain restaurants.

germknodel index 2015

How much does a yeast dumpling cost in Austria?

At first glance, large price differences between the different ski areas were identified. The prices vary between 4.90 euros in the Gamsmilchbar in Obertauern at 2,200 m of altitude and 10 euros in the panoramic Rüfikopf restaurant in Lech am Arlberg at 2,350 m of altitude. Among the top 5 most expensive Germknödels are the ski resorts of Mayrhofen, Tiroler Zugspitze Arena, St Anton am Arlberg and Ischgl, where you will pay around 7 euros at the Süßgericht. The cheapest Germknödels can be found in Solden, the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental, in Flachau, on the Stubai Glacier, Kitzbuhel and on the Hintertux glacier. The average price for a Germknödel in Austria is 6.53 €. This means that prices have hardly risen compared to last year. Always nice to hear!


Obertauern where a Germknodel costs only €4.90

Recipe for Germknödel

These mouth-watering yeast dumplings can be prepared in three easy steps 1.) Make a dough with 500g of flour, 15g of yeast, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp of milk, 50g of sugar, 50g of butter, a pinch of salt and a little lemon peel to taste and leave to rest about 30 minutes. 2. Preheat your oven to 50 degrees. Cut the finished dough into equal-sized pieces and place a tsp of plum jam in the center and shape into dumplings. Turn the oven off and put the dumplings into the still warm oven for 20 minutes. 3. Cook the dumplings for 20 minutes in boiling salted water. Now they are ready to serve with either melted butter or custard. Sprinkle with poppy seeds to really get the final result!


Now just close your eyes and imagine yourself on a sunny terrace on your ski holidays in the Austrian Alps!

Being lucky enough to have parents who were crazy about skiing, my love for the mountains started when I was 4 years old on our first family ski holiday to Austrian ski resort of Obergurl. One ski holiday a year was never enough and tears rolled down my face as I looked out the back window of the car on the drive down the valley on the way home!

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