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USASA Championships © Raging Buffalo

It’s the sexiest sport around but it sure has come up across its fair share of opposition! The decades-old debate among skiers and snowboarders has seen snowboarders vilified and banned from many a ski resort. But the sport has prevailed in spite of the naysayers, thanks in part to pioneering resorts like the Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park. Famous for creating the world’s first snowboard-only snow park in a time when snowboarders were seen as second-class citizens, this American resort has recently announced expansion plans for the 2018/19 season, featuring an expanded snowboard hill that will be about 30 feet taller than the current one.

Snowboard park will gain several dozen feet in vertical drop

The exciting development at this American resort is made possible thanks to the purchase of excess soil leftover from a newly built roadway in the region. As part of the deal, the county will also provide up to $500 000 in funding to build a new lodge to replace the current one, which dates from the 1950’s. The Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park will also create a snow tubing area and a free public sledging area. The resort has tentative plans to conduct year-round operations in the near future.

USASA Championships at Raging Buffalo

USASA Championships at © Raging Buffalo Snow Park

Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park the first to welcome snowboarders over skiers

The concept of a snowboard-only snow park was born in the early 1990’s when snowboarders were facing discrimination at many of the local ski areas. In January 1993, the Raging Buffalo Ski Area officially became the Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park, catering exclusively to snowboarders.

Having a ball snowboarding without those pesky skiers

Having a ball snowboarding without those pesky skiers! © Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park

Raging Buffalo continues to be a pioneer in the snowboarding world

The small but feisty American resort has continued to be at the forefront of developments in the snowboarding world, regularly hosting snowboard competitions such as the USASA Championships and promoting snowboarding for young children. While the snow park changes constantly, you can count on two rope tows, half pipes, kickers and table tops. Wondering where else snowboarders will feel welcome? Check out our ski resorts for snowboarding >


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