Après-ski is arguably the best part of the ski holiday! A tradition that really took off in Austria several decades ago, the party atmosphere that takes over the slopes as soon as the lifts close is becoming ever more popular in France and across the Alps. If you’re one of the many people who live for après-ski, then finding a ski resort with a healthy party scene will be one of your first criteria, ahead of snow cover or facilities.

Right after lunch, the most fanatic après-ski partyers will already head to the umbrella bars that dot the slopes of Austria and other countries in the Alps. No need to even take your ski boots off – here dancing is done in your full skiing outfit! You’d better hope you brushed up on your après-ski lyrics before coming, as everyone starts singing along to ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’! Once the dusk starts falling, it’s time to click into your skis again and wobble your way down to the village, where the party continues into the wee hours in the bars and nightclubs. Free-flowing beer, mesmerising beats and a general festive atmosphere: whatever your mood, you’re sure to find something you’ll love on this list of the best party ski resorts.

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Après-ski in Austria

Austria deserves its reputation as the best country for après-ski. In fact, this is the birthplace of après-ski as we know it, dating back to the glory days of the Krazy Kanguruh and the Mooserwirt in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Today, beer and Jägerbombs continue to flow freely here while the latest après-ski hits blare through the speakers. From cosy pubs to rowdy mountain terraces, you’ll find it all in Austria!

  • Top 5 après-ski towns in Austria

    1: Gerlos
    2: Kitzbühel
    3: Ischgl
    4: Saalbach
    5: Westendorf

  • Top 5 après-ski bars in Austria

    1: Cin-Cin in Gerlos
    2: Mooserwirt in St. Anton
    3: Hofstadl in Flacha
    4: Fabels in Ellmau
    5: Ice Bar in Mayrhofen

Après-ski in France

France takes a classier approach to après-ski, although recent years have seen the development of several copycat bars that aim to mimic the fun of a good Austrian umbrella pub – Rond-Point Méribel and the Folie Douce chain spring to mind. You can party with your ski boots on in France, but you also have plenty of choices for sipping wine on the terrace and just enjoying the view.

  • Top 5 après-ski towns in France

    1: Val Thorens
    2: Morzine
    3: Tignes
    4: Les Deux Alpes
    5: Courchevel

  • Top 5 après-ski bars in France

    1: Le Tremplin in Morzine
    2: 360 bar in Val Thorens
    3: La Grotte du Yéti in Les Deux Alpes
    4: La Folie Douce in Tignes
    5: L'Arpette in Les Arcs

Top 5 après-ski in Switzerland, Italy and Germany

They’re not the first places you think of when you picture après-ski, but Switzerland, Italy and Germany do have party scenes of their own. Head to a sunny outdoor terrace or find a nightclub in the village to celebrate the end of another successful ski day. You may not find the rousing atmosphere of France or Austria, but there are still plenty of options.

  • Germany

    1: Oberstdorf
    2: Winterberg
    3: Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    4: Willingen
    5: Feldberg

  • Italy

    1: Madonna di Campiglio
    2: Sauze d'Oulx
    3: Kronplatz
    4: Livigno
    5: Val Gardena

  • Switzerland

    1: Saas-Fee
    2: Verbier
    3: Davos
    4: Zermatt
    5: Crans-Montana

  • Hohenhaus Tenne

    Après-ski music

    Après-ski wouldn’t be après-ski without the beloved singalong hits that we have grown to know and love. From tacky German numbers to classics like Sweet Caroline, it’s safe to say half the atmosphere of an après-ski pub comes from the music! Snowplaza has prepared a playlist of some of our favourite après-ski songs to help you get in the mood for your next ski holiday. Check it out!

    Best après-ski hits

    Aside from the latest hits to take the stage this year, you can always count on certain numbers coming back year after year. These are the ones that everyone in the bar will (try to) sing along to, the ones that really get the party going! Have a listen and see if you don’t get instantly transported back to your last ski holidays...

    Après-ski hits 2019/2020 >

    Après-ski events

    Among the many events that take place throughout the ski season are no small number of après-ski events. Some of the most popular are the Top of the Mountain concerts in Ischgl, or music festivals like Snowbombing in Mayrhofen, Tomorrowland in Alpe d’Huez or the Electric Mountain Festival in Sölden. These are basically just an excuse to turn the entire ski area into one massive party for a few days!

    Après-ski bars on the slopes

    The best après-ski bars are the ones right on the slopes! If you haven’t danced in your ski boots, then you’ve never really lived. Ok, kidding, but it IS a must-do if you’re an avid skier or snowboarder! Plenty of so-called “umbrella bars” are located right at the base of the slopes – or on the slopes – so you can ski straight up and start drinking without preamble. The only problem? You’ll have to work out how to ski back down again... so maybe pace yourself and leave a few beers for the village!

    Après-ski bar Town Where?
    Goaßtall Hinterglemm
    Piste 33a
    Paznauner Taja Ischgl
    Pistes 36 and 37
    360 bar Val Thorens
    Top of the Portette lift/Moraine lift
    Seppi's Gerlos
    Piste 1 (Isskogel valley run)
    Hexenalm Fiss
    On the Winklabfahrt, Langwieseabfahrt and Möseralmabfahrt
    La Folie Douce Val Thorens
    Plein Sud

    Après-ski drinks

    Ski holidays and après-ski go hand-in-hand and they wouldn’t be possible without drinks! Let’s just say it would be difficult to imagine being in a bar without a pint in one hand – and who are we to pass up a Flügel every now and again? The tap’s flowing nonstop and those tiny little red shot bottles are piling up on the bar... Some drinks are just mandatory whne it comes to après-ski!

    An absolute staple is Jägermeister, a herb liqueur that you’ll see everywhere on your ski holidays. Mix it with a Red Bull and you have a Jägerbomb which will keep you going all night long! Another favourite is Schnapps. This one comes in several different flavours and can be a bit of an acquired taste. But those who do enjoy it are capable of downing one after another after another!

    And let’s not forget about Aperol Spritz, the perfect drink for sipping at a sunny mountain restaurant during your spring skiing holiday! This delicious Italian drink is just the thing to get your après-ski session started off on the right foot.

    5 tips for preventing an après-ski hangover

    It all seemed like a good idea at the time, but now it’s the morning after and your head is asking you why exactly you decided to chase those beers with the shots of schnaps! Just the smell of your breakfast is making you feel a bit sickly, and the idea of spending all day in the bright sunshine is enough to make you want to crawl back into bed. Suffering? Here are some tips for getting over your hangover so you can make the best of your day on the slopes.

    1: Don’t mix and match drinks – try to stick to either beer or liquor.
    2: Before going out, leave a glass of water and an ibuprofen on your nightstand. Take them before going to sleep.
    3: Get out of bed in the morning and dive straight into the snow – that should help you wake up!
    4: Don’t forget to eat so you have some soakage, and try to have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink.
    5: Suck it up and enjoy the fresh mountain air – you’re on holiday!

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